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United Arab Emirates
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How should you answer the question 'Why do you want to work for the Emirates Group'?

Some ideas:

Idea 1

The Emirates the fastest growing Airline and renowned airline in the world. The quality,innovation and to customer expectation is excellent and high class. Working with people from different nationalities is an opportunity. Emirates and certainly far more growing reputed company than other airlines. High performing Cabin Crew services. It is also a highly successful airline.

Idea 2

emirates is the fastest growing airline in the wold,they are elite,exceptional and provide the best customer service

Idea 3

falls within the area of interest

Idea 4

Because your company have excellent organization that allow me to increase knowledge and my skills

Idea 5

Because your company have excellent organization that allow me to increase knowledge and my skills and emirates is the fasterst growing airline in the wold,they are elit,exceptional and provide the best

Idea 6

One of the reasons that people usually want to join the Emirates Group is because it pays good salary. The other reason is for people to grow in their careers.

Idea 7

cause they give you free lollypops

Note from a Previous Employee

Even the Indian Managers that go abroad carry the same egotistical mentality with them. Don't ever go to Emirates Airlines IT department (EG-IT) in Dubai to work. It's full of Indian managers who just like to scream at their Indian subordinates in full view of the entire office. Unfortunately, those poor souls are stuck there as they often come from Indian consultancies e.g. CSC, and they are penalised if they break their contracts. One guy told me he would have to pay lakhs to get out of working for Emirates as an end client so he has to do his two years jail sentence. I feel so sorry for these lower grade Consultants as they are often the brightest, most considerate workers but they are made to bleed while their idiot Indian bosses take all the credit.

As an ex-pat working there, I also suffered at the hands of two different Indian managers but at least I could escape when I had enough! I'm now working for professional people (i.e. non-Indians) in a professional company (i.e. a non-Indian company).

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What is the best airline pilot shoes?

airline pilots should wear loafers

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Pilots (aviation)

Are there more pilots in the air force or the navy?

The Department of the Navy (which includes the Navy and Marine Corps) has a larger aviation community than the USAF.

The Navy and Marines operate from both ships at sea and from shore installations. The USAF can only operate from land based installations in the U.S. and at friendly countries overseas. The Navy and Marines do not have this limitation - they can go anywhere and fly anywhere while operating from Carriers.

George W. Bush
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Did George W. Bush ever have a pilot's license?

George W Bush was a National Guard pilot and as such was acredited to fly military aircraft. In military circles he would have been considered to have had a license to fly. However, military flying privileges do not automatically transfer to civilian licenses. To aquire a civilian license, a military pilot must submit himself to a equivalency exam for the type of airplane he wants to fly. For example, multi engine fixed wing IFR.

George W Bush may have had a commercial license at some point but there is no evidence that he presently holds any sort of rating on any type of aircraft. His military "license" has long since been revoked when he left the Guard to pursue a career in oil, gas, politics and making war.

Airplanes and Aircraft
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Who is the best pilot in the world?

Skills in pilots are often measured by their safety record. But that can be misleading.

Great pilots are those who use their superior skills to avoid situations where they might have to apply those very skills to exit from that situation. Skills are developed as a result of experience and training. Situational awareness, analytical ability and decision making processes all contribute to the overall effectiveness of a pilot.

Many military pilots have highly tuned skills like those mentioned above. Of course many civilian pilots do also, however, their exposure to difficult situations are often far less likely to occur than military fliers. It's the name of the game. Therefor, I would say that military pilots, especially those flying high performance jet aircraft are amongst the best in the world.

And if combat victories are an indication of skills, then the best pilot that ever lived must have been Baron von Richthoven aka "the Red Baron", the highest scoring ace of all time who many times has been accredited as the creator of modern day aerial combat.

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Pilots (aviation)

Why is it important for pilots to know the wind velocity?

it is a vector quantity.

Ans 2 -Wind velocity and direction has a definite effect on how smaller aircraft take off and land.

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What are some pros and cons of being aircraft mechanic?

In the Military, it's a great job! (We're the only branch of the service that sends the Officers out "in harms way"HA)

Seriously though, if you want to be an aircraft mechanic, you should seriously consider joining the military, I joined the Air Force in 1965 & later spent 23 years in Germany working for NATO on the AWACS aeroplanes, I don't regret a moment of it.

If you want a real challenge, join the Navy, those guys do the same job as I did, but under much more difficult circumstances.

In civilian life it's unfortunately about getting the most out of you for the least amount of pay & benefits.

But if you love aeroplanes (engines in my case) Go for it!

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Pilots (aviation)

What is the minimum age for a microlight pilots license?

In Scotland you can fly solo from the age of 16 and u can apply for your NPPL/PPL when you turn 17. I assume it's the same for the whole of the UK

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Pilots (aviation)

Which is true of Japanese kamikaze pilots?

Their attacks were hard to defend against

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How much does an FAA air traffic controller earn?

They make just as much as pornstars if you don't know how much pornstars make look it up jack-***

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Pilots (aviation)

Who were the pilots for bombing of Hiroshima?

Col. Paul Tibbets and Major Charles Sweeney.

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Pilots (aviation)

Who pilots air force one?

Scott Turner

ANS 2 - It may not always be the same pilot. Air Force One is NOT always the same aircraft, it's just the code name given to whichever aircraft the President is travelling in.

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Pilots (aviation)

What are the requirements for a private pilots license in Thailand?

(1) Age

An applicant shall be a minimum of seventeen years of age.

(2) Medical Fitness and Validity

An applicant shall hold a Category 3 Medical Certificate valid for a Private Pilot Licence - Aeroplanes

(3) Knowledge

An applicant shall have:

completed a minimum of 40 hours private pilot aeroplane ground school instruction.

(4) Experience

An applicant shall have completed a minimum of 45 hours private pilot flight training in aeroplanes under the direction and supervision of the holder of a Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane. A maximum 5 of the 45 hours may be conducted on an approved aeroplane simulator or flight training device.

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Who was the only president to have held a pilots license?

G Bush

ANS 2 - George Bush Sr. had a pilot's license. In fact he was a decorated Navy pilot in WW2 who flew 58 missions.

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Pilots (aviation)

How does airline pilots contribute to the society?

Pilots contribute to the society by helping to build the economy through the movement of resources from one country to another and bring about global integration.

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Pilots (aviation)

How do you get a commercial pilot's license?

You start with from the bottom and you work your way up. First you get your VFR (visual flight rules) private pilots license. Then you have to get your IFR rating (instrument flight rules). Then you can work on your commercial license. The commercial license only gives you the ability to fly for money. It does not mean that you will be flying airliners. You have to build up hundreds of hours to do that. The best way to build up hours is to get your flight instructor rating. That way you can get paid while you build up your hours instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars renting airplanes and paying for fuel.

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Pilots (aviation)

What us president had a commercial pilots license?

The first president to get a pilots license was Dwight Eisenhower

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Pilots (aviation)

Do pilots with blue eyes make better pilots?

NO! But purple eyed people do!


Maybe! There may be a slightly higher percentage of blue eyes and fair-skinned people, because there is a slight hiring bias in favor of tall, blonde, blue eyed applicants

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Pilots (aviation)

Why do offshore boat racing have 2 pilots?

one for the throttle and one for steering

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How much money does it cost to buy a cesna bush plane?

forty six thousand dollars

Morgan Freeman
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Was Morgan freeman in close encounters of the third kind as an air traffic controller?

No. Morgan Freeman was not in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The actor in this film does look and sound like Freeman somewhat.

The air traffic control scene is riveting and a great filmmaking segment displaying excellent tension buildup. The principal air traffic controller in the film did a fantastic job.

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Pilots (aviation)

Where do pilots eat in the cockpit?

They don't eat in the cockpit.

ANS 2 - Many pilots DO eat in the cockpit, particularly of dual seat military and civilian aircraft. There may be 'rules ' against it, it may be frowned upon - but believe me it does happen !

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Meaning of pilot test in questonnaire?

Examine the proposed/draft questionnaire, byadministering it to a small section of the targetted population, to be able to catch/identify potential problems before they become costly mistakes during actual data collection.

Airplanes and Aircraft
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Pilots (aviation)

What is the absolute youngest age limit to get any airplane pilots license?

No. You must be at least 16 to have student license.

Minimum age requirements for the various airman certificates (i.e., pilot license certificates) are defined in 14 CFR part 61, Certification: Pilots and Flight Instructors, and Ground Inspectors as follows:

  • Airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate: 23 years
  • Commercial pilot certificate: 18 years
  • Private pilot certificate: powered aircraft - 17 years;
  • Private pilot certificate: gliders and balloons - 16 years;
  • Student pilot certificate: powered aircraft - 16 years;
  • Student pilot certificate: gliders and balloons - 14 years
Japan in WW2
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Pilots (aviation)

How did Kamikazes train?

There is a book that you might be able to find in your local library or get on loan from another larger library. It's titled The Divine Wind. The book was writen by two Japanese officers who commanded air bases where Kamikaze fliers were stationed. It should answer all your questions. Library of Congress Number ISBN 0-553-12578-8

Kamikazes were Japanese pilots who were on suicide missions. They were insructed to run their planes into ships or bases in hope to kill. The Kamikaze pilots were trained in wooden crates as there were not enough planes to train them in. Also, the Kamikaze's only needed to be in the air long enough to find a target.

More intriguing is: Why did Kamakize pilots wear helmets?


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