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AT&T Inc. is a telecommunications company which provides fixed telephony, broadband and television subscription services. As of January 2011, AT&T is the largest source of mobile telephony service in the United States, with more than 95.5 million wireless customers.

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Att uverse coupons - are there any specific uverse coupons or coupon codes that anyone knows about that will save on uverse tv bundle packages?

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HI There are no specific uverse coupon codes, I know since I got the service last month and searched everywhere for codes. However, sites like have att uverse promotions on a monthly basis with direct uverse cash back promotions from ATT. You can get cash back promotions on various amounts depending on the month on uverse products but no coupon codes at this time. Hope it helps.
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Can you put an ATT sim card into a boostmobile phone?

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No you cannot. AT&T uses a GSM network and Boost uses iDEN and the two are not even remotely compatible. The Boost SIM card can be used for international roaming but it will not work with GSM networks in the US. It will not work either way, a Boost SIM will not work in a GSM device and a GSM SIM will not work in a Boost device.
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How do you unlock your samsung flight phone?

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you press any of the buttons on it and then hold down the lock button on the screen
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How do you fix an ATT On problem on a Sony CDX-M630 CD player?

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ATT I think is a mute that doesent mute all the way so you can still here it a little. That is what happend on my truck.
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What happens when someone tries texting a blocked number?

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If he DID block you your message would go through as normal, he would just never receive it. Here's why: the blocking feature words behind the scenes in the switch. So in an ideal situation this is the way it works: the phone sends the message and it travels through the senders local switch and gets routed to the destination -- upon arriving at the local switch for the recipient it recognizes that this number should be blocks and drops the message. So if you are being blocked by someone you actually have no indication of it when sending text messages. It appears to send like normal, the recipient just never actually receives it.
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How much commission does an ATT rep make?

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They have pretty much slashed commissions in half for Sales Reps for 2009. In 2008, they were paying a certain percentile of the features you sold. For example, if you achieved your goal for the month in features, they would pay out 60% of what you sold. The more you surpassed your goal the higher a percentage you would keep up to 80%. So in other words....if you sold $3,000 in features for the month, you just put $2400 in your pocket AND that's just part of the commission. You also get paid for activations/upgrades and accessories you sell. With activations/upgrades, the higher the rate plan you sell, the more you get paid. Accessories are pretty much extra change in your pocket. They really only give you about 4% of your quota which is usually about $4000-$5000. Ofcourse both are paid out on a tier basis so the more you sell past your quota the higher per opp you get paid. BUUUUUUT like I said, they pretty much slashed commissions in half for 2009. I guess its a normal business practice for AT&T to change their commission tables. For 2009, activations/upgrades pay out the same along with accessories. Its in the Features department where they stuck it to its Reps. Now instead of receiving a certain percentage of what you sell, there is this thing they call a "Bucket". The bucket contains $450 bucks. If you reach 100% of your quota, you get the whole bucket. Example: your quota is $3000? You meet your goal so you get $450. That's right....FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY!!! Not $2400 like you would have made if you were on the previous commission table. They have also included "CFT" Customer Feedback Tool in your commission. CFT is pretty much a random automated customer survey which customers get via telephone after you have helped them. Any account you access has a chance of getting a call. If you get a bad score or don't reach 75% satisfaction, you are not paid out Excellence (you reached 150% of your goal). So yeah...oh yeah and to top it off, AT&T seems to be oblivious to a National Recession. They keep slashing commissions in little ways AND they either keep quotas where they were last year or they keep increasing them. They have also increased the percentage you have to reach in regards to your monthly quota. It has always been that if u reached 80% you were good. Heck! If you didnt even make that you were good! They really didnt enforce performance requirements. Now they want you to reach 100% in EVERYTHING! And if you don't....there are 4 levels of discipline. If you fall short of reaching 100% of Total Opps, Features or get a write up. If you reach Level 4 Discipline...youre fired!!! Yup...word has it that the company is just trying to get rid of its tenure staff since they get paid alot more than new hires. So yeah....if you wanna be a Sales Rep I would reconsider if you were looking at AT&T.
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How do you block a person from calling or texting you?

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To block a person from calling or texting you is to go on the Internet and go on the website of the phone company that you have ( T.Moble,Verison,Sprint,etc.) and when you got your phone you should of got a account so type that in on the Internet and you can just go to account settings and click block and type the number in.
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What is the unlock code for Samsung SGH-A897?

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merhaba türkey sim kilidi imeil: 35944503881119/0 03 samsung a897
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If you unlock your LG Muziq phone will you be able to use your boost mobile sim card in it?

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NO the lg muziq is a CDMA phone and therefore doesnt use a sim card, it has an sd card slot for mass storage but no sim slot
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What is the telephone number for eharmony?

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Telephone Number for eHarmony Contact customer care seven days a week between 4am and 12am PST at 1-800-951-2023. Confirmed correct as of September 12, 2010.
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How can you unlock Sony Ericsson k310i?

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All SIM unlock codes are tied to the particular device IMEI and are carrier specific. The request for that code would need to be made from the carrier that the phone was originally manufactured for. Each carrier has their own guidelines as far as what requirements have to be met before that code will be given out. This is a free process in the US. You can try to unlock with Setool. it is easy just spend 5 minutes process
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Will ATT sim card work in ATT go phone?

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In most cases yes, however please call 1-800-331-0500 to update your IMEI and SIM Card if applicable. Please be aware usually a GoPhone SIM card will NOT work in a post-paid phone.
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Can parents read text messages over the internet?

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Nobody can get the actual text messages and what they say without a court order. All they can get is the same info that shows on the bill if you have detailed billing. They can get the date/time they were sent/received and what numbers they were sent to/from.
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Where to pay ATT phone bill?

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== == You can pay your AT&T phone bill in person at an AT&T store using cash, credit, or check. You can also pay the bill over the phone using a credit card or online using a credit card. If you have a cell phone, you can also pay by dialing "*PAY" (minus the quotation marks, of course) from your cell and then following their instructions.
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What is a dect 6.0 digital phone?

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Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT 6.0) is a standard that uses the 1.9 Ghz band for cordless phones. It is relatively new in the US market but has been in use in Europe for quite some time. The purported advantage of this communications frequency is reduced interference with and from other devices, most notably wireless networks, garage door openers, microwave devices, baby monitors, etc. Additionally it should offer greater range from the base, enhanced call clarity, and the ability to utilize multiple handsets with a single base unit POTS connection.
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What shows up on a phone bill?

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The content of a phone bill varies a lot. Most will show calls made, with number date and time, as well as digital connections, with data used and date and time. Calls received and details about the data usage are not normally shown on your bill. For example, if you visit a particular website on your phone, it will not show as the name of the site. It will just show that you used so much data at a particular time.
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Do cvs employees get a discount with at and t wireless?

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yes we do 25 percent off monthly
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What is EGSM?

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WHEN I WAS IN THE U.S. ARMY FROM 1966 THRU 1968, I WAS IN A UNIT KNOWN AS "EGSM" IN GERMANY. IT STOOD FOR "EQUIPMENT GENERAL SUPPORT MAINTENENCE", WHICH IS WHAT WE DID. EGSM stands for Extended Global System for Mobile communication . This is introduced to enhance the capacity of the network, i.e., to accomodate more number of mobile subscribers .
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Does ATT have a unlimited family data plan?

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I was told no when I upgraded last month They used to have one but it has since changed. Now if your not grandfathered in all plans that are available have a limit.
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Does wireless toyz store unlock att cell phones?

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Yes, they do i was wondering myself too and i found out by calling if you were wondering. Obviously it wont be free and for my unlock it will cost me is $40.
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Are you required to have ATT wireless service to use an Apple iPhone?

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No you can (maybe) just buy the iPhone for some extra money and set it up with another company, however it may require you to jailbreak (or hack) the iPhone. AnswerYes, AT&T is currently the only wireless service that supports the iPhone. (Improved Answer) If you want to buy an iPhone without an AT&T plan, you have to pay an extra $400 and you can't even use it because you have to have a valid AT&T SIM to activate it. You can get passed the activation process by a thing called hacktivation.