Why should evolution not be taught in schools?


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There is no credible reason why evolution should not be taught in schools. Ignorance would be the outcome if the central organizing priciple of biology was not taught in school.


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Yes. EDIT: Both religion and evolution should technically be taught as they are both at the same level of theory.

Rick Santorum does not believe evolution is a proven fact, and that it should not be taught as such in public schools. In addition, he believes other theories of how the universe came into existence should be taught alongside evolution. He proposed language to the No Child Left Behind Act to that effect.

Proper skin care should be taught in schools.

Evolution can be taught in public schools because it is a verifiable scientific fact based on evidence. Creationism cannot be taught (at least, not as fact) in schools in the United States because it is a religious doctrine, and the Constitution says that Church and State must remain independent from one another. One is of course free to teach about creationism, for instance in comparative religion courses.

no ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Schools should not force students to be religious.

I think it's stupid and has no reason to be taught in schools as if it were fact.

Yes, many educators do believe that chemistry should be taught is secondary schools now.

All rational people. It is not a matter of belief, though, as what manifests itself in the real world, and evolution does that, is not subject to " beliefs " and is true whether you believe it or not. Evolution, the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms, is a fact. The theory of evolution by natural selection explains much of this fact. Evolution and the theory of evolution by natural selection is the foundation of biology and it makes little sense not to teach it. The courts have spoken, both at the local and Federal level, so evolution is taught in schools. How rigorously it is taught varies by region. Regardless, science does not adhere to argumentum ad populum.

Do you mean legal to be taught in schools? Evolution has been the accepted theory as to the origin of 'complex' life for around 150 years. I'm not sure when it became legal to be taught in schools. Probably around the same time the scientific community accepted it.

Yes, it has been for several decades and continues to be a part of the scientific curriculum of almost all public schools.

All religions should be taught equally in schools, to help dispel some of the fear and myths that unfamiliar religions can hold.

Creationism is not taught in Ohio public schools as part of the science curriculum. It may be taught in a cultural or sociological classroom setting, depending on the teacher or school. Only evolution is taught as a scientific theory for the origin of life in biology/science classes.

Shakespeare is taught in British schools both in English literature and English language and he should be taught in all schools over the world where English is the first language as so much of the English language was first coined by William Shakespeare which should be a good enough reason in itself. ---- Shakespeare is actually quite interesting, and I think its good to be taught in schools.

The science curriculum in public schools usually contain some reference to evolution. In classes about life sciences, such as Biology, evolution is taught in detail. However, some states, especially those in the southern United States try to circumvent the law by avoiding the teaching of evolution altogether.

Provided it is taught in the appropriate context, creationism may be taught when and where it is legal to do so. It is generally legal to teach creationism in private, religious schools, although it ought not be taught out of context, for example in science or history classes. Evolution should be taught in science lessons, since it is a science but, of course, not in religious lessons.Creationism may be taught in public schools in lessons on religion if religious instruction is a permitted part of the curriculum. Being a topic of religion, it is generally not taught in public schools in the United States. The Supreme Court has recognised creationism as a topic of religion, so what should not be permitted is to portray creationism as other than that.

The theory is widely believed and is taught in schools although Christianity is still believed.

Proper skin care and washing of hands frequently should be taught in schools.

indeed I do, but creationism belongs in religous education whereas Evolution belongs in science

The trial was later appealed to a higher court, and charges were dropped. The law against evolution was subsequently ended, letting evolution be taught in schools.

The Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, as an explanation for the development of life on earth and its current form and diversity, is taught in many school science courses, but not in all.

No, Intelligent Design (ID) should not be taught in schools, at least not public ones. Intelligent Design is not scientific fact. It could be taught in a comparative religion class along with other myths.Federal Courts have ruled that ID is not science but is simply the repackaged religious concept of creationism. Because of that, it cannot be legally taught in public schools.

The trial was later appealed to a higher court, and charges were dropped. The law against evolution was subsequently ended, letting evolution be taught in schools.

Economics should be taught in schools so that as students progress from high school, to college and beyond they have a basic understanding of how individuals make decisions, and how larger markets act, along with what influence them,

The science curriculum in most public schools contains some reference to evolution. Usually a class like Biology will teach it in detail. However, SOME of the school systems in some states, try to circumvent the law by avoiding the teaching of evolution altogether because of the religious controversy surrounding it.

It's not only taught in homes. It's taught in schools and health educational classes.

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