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Why can't I swim?


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Everyone at one point in time or another has to be taught how to swim. Parents would be good at this as would a swim school.


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because they use there tail to swim, and they don't have a tail on the front so they cant swim backwards.

there is maddie coz she cant swim there is maddie coz she cant swim

you idiot you cant swim in the ground.

if ostriches cant swim, they wount be floating on top of water, which means ostritches can swim.

a chinchilla cant get wet at all of the fur molds so a chinchilla cant swim at all

no he cant hes also afriad

they cant swim up waterfalls

they all can swim but zayn malik

No they cant as soon as they also cant walk. Babies can swim at the age when the start to walk approximately. Respect yonuts

You cant they do that so you cant swim to the next island

im pretty sure flys cant swim but they can land on water

they swim in our waters and we get to watch them swim and enjoy the life in the water we cant have

Alot of birds can swim I dont know any birds that cant swim I think

yes they dont like swimming if they cant swim it is a logical answer yes they dont like swimming if they cant swim it is a logical answer

He cant swim away because the tide is pushing him back to shore.

They can swim very little due to their dense bone structure.

NO!A whale cant swim faster than a shark.

It depends, if u know how to swim yes because you cant drawn but it is dangerous if you don't know how to swim or swim after eating.

you cant swim in aqw but there is glitches where you can walk anywhere but i dont know how to do the glitches

he can but if he cant swim,well he will drown then

cant hear out of one ear cant swim

no some swim upwards however they cant swim backwards but.. they do like to try. Whales have huge dongs.

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