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Who taught new England colonies children?


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They were taught by their parents if there were no nearby school house to send them too, but after their parents taught them all they knew (which was often not much), they would be trained as an apprentice to learn a trade. If there were a school to send them to, the children were almost always taught by a male sschool master.


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Children were fairly well educated in the New England colonies. All the kids in a town or village would have been taught in a single school house, regardless of grade. They would have been taught using a book called The New England Primer, which was one of the very first textbooks for children used in America.

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The New England and Middle Colonies had the similarities that their children were taught about religion. Their parents thought it was very important for them to learn about religion. Girls couldn't go to grammar school or college. Males were the only ones allowed to go to college, unlike today. The girls were taught to read the bible and other religious papers as well. The Middle and Southern Colonies and the similarities that girls were taught reading and different skills to run a household and to practice for future children. The young boys and men received the most education. The New England and Southern Colonies didn't have much similarities except just like before, girls weren't allowed to go to college.

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