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Where can one study tax from?


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In the US, taxation is generally taught as part of accounting curiculum in college.

There are also personal tax courses put on by various storefront tax preparation firms for people who want to learn tax preparation. Without an understanding of accounting, however, one would be able to prepare only fairly simple tax returns.


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As a manager we study tatation to reduce the tax that your organization will pay.

The process of the Cost Segregation Study is one of identifying and reclassifying personal property assets to enable to shorten the tax depreciation time frame.

Yep. Either that or the Farmworkers Health Study is running a hell of a racket.

I don't know what the tax is for one dollar can any one help me?

The tax rate varies from one place to another.The tax rate varies from one place to another.The tax rate varies from one place to another.The tax rate varies from one place to another.

A personal tax is a direct tax levied on a taxpayer. One example of a personal tax is the tax imposed on the income of a person.

many states do not tax services. It depends which one you are in. Your state tax board has the rules re tax on services.

the difference between a direct tax is one that must be paid directly to the government by the person on whom it is imposed and indirect tax is one first paid by one person but then passed on to another.

No. Most governments do not impose tax on educational or any other books of study.

one of the main tax software for tax professionals are turbo tax and h and r block and there are several other sites that offer tax software for tax professionals

A. K. Chawla has written: 'Constitutional study of sales tax legislation in India' -- subject(s): Law and legislation, Sales tax

One receives an IRS tax audit notice when they believe one has filled out their tax audit incorrectly. One must gather all tax related documents, determine why they are being audited and if needed contact a tax lawyer.

One can find more information about the tax form TD1 at the IRS websites which contain tax forms pertaining to various natures of tax and revenue particularly the tax form TD1.

Indirect tax is a tax that is shifted from one taxpayer to another through an increase in the price of the good. Service tax is an example of an indirect tax because it is collected by an intermediary.

One can study linear algebra and its applications at many educational institutions. One can also study it online at websites such as study mode. And if one chooses to study this subject at home there are books available online and in bookstores.

There are lot of tax software that can do state tax returns on the internet. One of the tax software out there, TurboTax, is available at

There are a few tax preperation software packages out there, such as; Turbo Tax, Tax Act, Tax Works, Tax Cut, and Input Tax, just to name a few. One of these will help you get what you need.

That depends how much the tax is. The percentage of tax varies from one place to another.

Study island: It is a regressive tax. Citizens of a country are charged certain levies indirectly, commonly known as indirect taxes. These are the taxes payable on an activity or a commodity. Some common examples of indirect taxes are sales tax and excise tax.

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