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When should you repeat the same word in a sentence?


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You should repeat the same word in a sentence when that word has the best meaning for the rest of the sentence.


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An example of using the word repeat in a sentence is " Can you repeat that question one more time? "

If you forgot the directions, I'll repeat them for you.

Do not make me repeat myself.When is the repeat on TV?Man down! I repeat, man down!This is a repeat of my last relationship.

Some parrots can repeat an entire sentence

There should be a words in a sentence that should be capitalized. You should capitalized the word at the began of the sentence.

Why do you have to repeat things?This is a repeat of last year.When is the repeat on TV?

NO! his name should not be aloud to be in the same sentence as that word. Why would you ask that??

An unnecessary word is one that does not have to be in a sentence. They are unessential and needless words. They repeat the meaning already contained in another word.

Because he inadvertently contaminated the culture, the lab technician had to repeat the process. The bill was inadvertently sent to the owner's father, who had the same name.

You should use the word "I" when it is the subject of a sentence, and the word "me" when it is the object of a sentence or of a preposition. "I want you to understand me." "I want you to listen to me."

An appositive is something in a sentence next to something else referring to the same thing, essentially. An example sentence is: If a sentence has an appositive, it should be easy to understand who or what it is about.

Y es, you can start a sentence with the word "the" and the same with "because".

No, the words "sentence" and "claim" do not have the same meaning.

No, the word forecast should not be capitalized in a sentence.

Our state has very strict penalties for repeat drug offenders.

Seeing the horse in such distress was a horrid experience that he did not want to repeat.

In Microsoft Word, When you click on the redo button, the redo button changes to the repeat button which is dimmed. So no, you can't redo and repeat at the same time.

Sentence structure is very complicated, you would not want to uses the same word in one sentence.

yes, because they can speak,speak the same word for 1 week and they will repeat anything you say

Mammogram should not be capitalized unless it's the first word in the sentence.

I wish you would repeat that statement with a higher level of assertion in your voice.

sdcfvgbhnjmk;puuiyhcy uyghy tygjbmb ka ba lol bag

The word 'tag' should not be capitalized in a sentence unless it is the name of something or someone (proper noun) or at the beginning of a sentence.

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