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What is the shelf life of imitation crab meat?


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Imitation crab meat if in a can should last a couple of months at the least. Check the expiration date on the packaging.

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yes you can eat I'm imitation crab meat if you are allergic to real!

There are about 81 calories in a 3oz serving of imitation crab meat.

There are brands of kosher imitation crab meat. You would have to check the product packaging for kashrut certification.

A half of a cup of imitation crab meat is worth 2 Weight Watchers points. This amount equals about three ounces of imitation crab meat or other imitation seafood product.

Since its imitation crab and pre-cooked it is ready to eat out of the package.

Cats can eat imitation crab meat. In fact, most cats like crab and other types of seafood, especially varieties of fish.

Buy crab cook it and serve it....

It's probably o.k, but why would you want to eat imitation crab meat?? Get the real thing!

it is a fish called pollock

Imitation crab meat can contain shellfish. There are kosher certified brands that do not.

no, it's a type of meat/fish

It probably has iodine salt in it

Generally they are. It is comprised of fresh avocados, white rice, seaweed, and imitation crab meat. As long as the imitation crab meat is not mixed with mayonnaise. If you get it spicy, then the hot sauce normally has mayonnaise in it.

As with any potentially hazardous food, surimi or imitation crab meat should not be unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours. Less time is much better.

A kani roll is a type of sushi that uses imitation crab meat.

There is probably a minute amount of fish oil in imitation crab meat because it is made out of fish. However, the best type of fish oil is from salmon because of its plentiful omega-3 fatty acids.

Imitation crab meat is made from fish, and is no better or worse for you than any other properly-prepared fish. It's whitefish so its heavy in Omega 3s, which is good for you. So yes. Its good for you.If you are carb restricting, be aware it does contain carbs.

Be sure to thaw, and then fully cook the meat. This should rid the meat of unwanted bacteria.

Most canned meats will have around 5 years of shelf life.

yes, crab is meat. it is called crab meat.

The chemicals contained in immitation seafood react with the air causing bacteria that spoil the food.

Lobster meat comes from a lobster. Crab meat comes from a crab. Texture wise: Lobster meat is tougher than crab meat and not as sweet.

Chemicals added to preserve the shelf life of the meat

The amount of ounces in a can of crab meat depend on the size of the can. A ten ounce can of crab meat will hold ten ounces of crab meat.

how long is the shelf life of cryvact meat,, EG rump steak

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