What is the difference between rice pudding and cream of rice?


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rice pudding is served cold while cream of rice is served hot

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I believe it is in the dairy group because of the milk and cream. But it is also in the grains group because of the rice and starch.

There are many different recipes for rice pudding.

rice pudding orginates fro china

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rice pudding comes from india go indianss

Well There are about 50 different flavors of rice pudding i have never heard of any different kinds of rice pudding MY FAVORITE IS THE ORINGGLE !

They ate Rice Pudding or Steamed Treacle Pudding.

ricecookerfetish.com has several good recipes for rice pudding that you can easily make in your rice cooker.

Many recipes for rice pudding can be found online for example at simply recipes. The main ingredients in a rice pudding recipe are usually rice, milk and sugar.

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Devon has several traditional foods. Some include cream tea, scones, fish and chips, hog pudding, rice pudding, potatoes, and apple dishes.

Yes, it is completely safe to eat rice pudding.

rice pudding a pure substance or a mixture and is it a homogenous or heterogenous

Rice, as in rice pudding.

Are you stir-ing your rice,if so you shouldn't be because the rice will harden and may seem uncooked:) Are you cooking the rice before putting it in the pudding? You should be!

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The difference between white rice and brown rice is that brown rice is more nutritious than white rice, and it becomes rancid 5 times faster than white rice.

Ambrosia rice pudding was invented by the monticelli family, during WW2 a general asked for the montielli famous recepie, nicked it then published it later as 'ambrosia rice pudding' the most famous rice pudding in the world and the monticelli family didn't even get a mention or any money

It's very many desserts in Norway, but the most common ones are probably "ice-cream", "chocolate pudding" and "rice pudding". In Norwegian: "Iskrem", "sjokoladepudding" and "riskrem".

English desserts are rice pudding, fruit pies and flans, fruit and custard, ice cream, etc.

It is Greek for rice pudding.

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trying to find out the same :) having it for lunch :) i think in 100g of rice pudding maybe 400cal

Sadia Arabia's tradition on Christmas is to leave rice pudding for Julemander.

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