What is a expiration rate?


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After something passes the expiration date, or expires, it's no longer considered good, or up to standard. You shouldn't eat any food or take any medicine that has passed the expiration date.


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Average respiratory rate for an adult is 12 - 20 breaths per minute

Vodka has no expiration and no expiration date.

Eastbay coupons vary if they have expiration dates. Some coupons have expiration dates placed on them. If the expiration date is absent then they do not expire.

The expiration date is in Julian code... Google that to get your expiration date.

There is no expiration date for wines and champagnes.

Wine does not have an expiration date.

It varies. Each coupon will have the expiration date on it unless it says "No Expiration".

Yes, every can of dip has an expiration date on it. Most expiration dates are about 6 months out. However, if you open the can, it will go bad before the expiration.

yes. it decreases with expiration and increases with inspiration. This is measured using an EKG (or ECG) by measuring the R-R interval.

Breathing out air from the lungs is called expiration.

By reading the expiration date on the can

It is not a major factor. It makes some difference, but all milk expires more or less at the same rate. The fat content makes a minuscule difference. Milk should not be drunk after the expiration date.

Yes ,wines have expiration date.I just saw at the back of a Chinese Plum Wine,its expiration date.

The expiration date for all listed stock options in the U.S. is the third Friday of the expiration month. Note: If options expiration occurs on a holiday in which the markets are closed expiration is moved up to Thursday. A good example of this is Good Friday prior to Easter.

what force cause normal expiration

Interval between expiration and inspiration

Because once it's constituted, it has a very short shelf life

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On the official website for CENOMAR, there is no mention of an expiration date. When you go to get a CENOMAR, ask about the expiration date.

1.25 s - Inspiration 1.5 s - Expiration

Yes, the expiration date is printed on the side of the bottle

Obviously not, otherwise it would not have an expiration date.

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