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What high school courses should you take in high school to prepare you for accounting?


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Accounting, advanced buisness, and all the math possible would help.


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It would be preferred to have a degree in accounting if you choose a career in accounting, but that might not be true always. Even if you took other courses, you could apply for accounting position through other skills that might be needed by the company. There, you may be given training for your relevant tasks. Then, you should be able to determine which course that you want to take. For school courses, most college have fundamental courses for accounting.

In addition to the basic academic requirements, here are a few good electives, if offered at your school, accounting or bookkeeping, any other business courses, any advanced math courses such as calculus or statistics, computer classes - especially Microsoft Office including Word and Excel.

If you are in high school and want to prepare to become a mortician, you can take courses such as biology, human anatomy, and chemistry.

No, but your grades will need to be good enough to get you into college to study for an accounting degree. You can visit the college online and see what courses you would be taking and the prerequisites needed. High school accounting, math courses, and business courses should help you in the future.

If you would like to prepare for a LPN class, you should start taking biology, psychology, anatomy, and physiology. You should also sign up for H.O.S.A. if your high school offers it.

Science classes, chemistry, biology, Anatomy and Physiology, ect

Take courses in accounting and finance. These are tough courses that will prepare you well for the future. Taking a business course will give you knowlage that should help you get ahead of the competition. Any additional knowlage in your subject area is good of business.

AP Environmental Science and any biology and chemistry courses will help.

In addition to your standard English and math courses (including Algebra), you could take bookkeeping, statistics and any other business courses offered.

To prepare for a career as a pediatrician, one should take a lot of science classes in school and also some courses in child psychology. One will need to study hard to be accepted into medical school.

== Yes, they should. It would prepare them for any required foreign languages courses in high school and college.

You'll need to take premed courses in college before you can become a surgical technologist. The best High School Courses to help you prepare for that are math and science classes, especially the more advanced biology courses.

Biology helps, anatomy and physiology too. It may also be wise to take some form of accounting courses if the long range intent is to be self employed.

If you took any courses that are relevant to the job then you should note those such as accounting, calculus, languages, etc.

You should look into taking courses that have anything to do with wiring or circuitry. There are special courses designed to prepare you to become an electrician.

The type who is interested in accounting or business.

You should take as difficult of math and science courses as you can handle. If your school offers pre-algebra in 8th grade, this is a good idea if you are ready for it.

financial accounting, costing, management accounting, auditing

High school courses don't matter, none of them will count in college.

There are numerous jobs to be found in the stock market. In order to enroll in courses to prepare you for one, you must first decide what it is you are interested in. Then you would be able to begin to prepare yourself for the studies necessary.

Accounting Theory:Accounting theory helps us in understanding the basic concepts about the accounting and practises.Accounting Standards:Accounting standards describes us that how books of accounts should be prepared and also how particular accounting transection should be dealt in standard way so that every body in the world should follow and prepare books of accounts in same way which will be very helpful for anybody for comparison purpose.

go to school take hair courses take hands on classes

You should take your basic college prep courses and if your school offers any business courses such as bookkeeping or accounting or economics, they would be good electives. Also, extra or advanced Math classes would be good and get as much exposure to computers as possible.

all of the sciences, English maths and then what ever you like! Your primary concern should be to get good grades and prepare for college, taking the college prep type classes. It will help if you can take AP courses and even do the IB.

Chef training is done at culinary school and the courses given there are specific to cooking and managing a kitchen and staff. Prior high school courses have little or no relevance to what you will learn in culinary school.

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