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What happens if you eat food that is past its expiry date?


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If the food has become contaminated, you could get very sick. On the other hand, if the food is still good beyond the expiration date, you won't get sick at all. Eating food that is past the expiration date is risky.


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No, the expiry date just means it will be past its best generally. But just to be safe i dont eat foods past their expiry date incase

No, as long as molds haven't formed in the food that's past it's expiry date, then you won't be ill. Specially if the food has been kept in the freezer.

I just drank one.... one month past expiry date Im still alive..... I think you'll be fine

No drug should be used past its expiration date unless a doctor or pharmacist says it will still be good and beneficial to you past that date.

YES you can like any food especially milk but if its 10 months after then it is not edible. :D ;D

In my opinion, if you don't want to catch anything nasty from food, make sure that the food is not past the expiry date. If so, get new produce and never use it after being open more than a week!

Food safety is really important no matter where you work. Say for instance within a hospital environment, it is often the Nutrition Department, and the Food Services that are responsible for food safety, and throwing out food that is past ther expiry date etc.

Usually, the drink will be alright after a day or so from the expiration date, but more than that and it should be thrown out.

No, the expiry date isn't for the lenses. The date is for the solution in which the lenses soak. So long as you change the solution, even upwards of a year past the expiry (or further but don't quote me on it) the lenses should be fine.

If the passport is past the expiry date, it is no longer a valid document and the DVLA will be unable to accept it.

Of course you can, provided that the milk has been stored correctly (ie in a refrigerator/fridge) and there is no apparent spoiling. Expiry dates on food have quite a bit of leeway, so use common sense when deciding whether or no food is edible. Some food well past its 'expiry date' is still perfectly edible. We throw away far too much food in the Western world - food that is perfectly OK - shameful really when there are millions starving in the world.

I would advise you not to eat black treacle after its expiry date as it takes a long time to eat and all it does is sit in the cuboard. So mould starts to appear in the middle of the tin.

Our Activia Shot Probiotic Drink and Activia Plain yogurt do not contain gelatin. Is it possible to consume Activia after its expiry date? Like all dairy products, yogurt should preferably be eaten by the “best before” date. However, if it is only slightly past the expiry date, there is no danger.

Turkey bacon should be eaten by the expiration date. The bacon only lasts a few days past the expiration date if kept well.

Summary The expiry date is that point in time when a pharmaceutical product is no longer within acceptable specifications for potency and stability. In determining an expiry date, a range of characteristics of the product are studied over time. One important characteristic is the chemical stability of the active ingredient. Temperature has a pronounced effect on the rate of degradation of the active ingredient. As the rate of decomposition usually doubles for every 100C rise in temperature, it is important to comply with the storage conditions specified on the container. The expiry date may be set as a fixed time after manufacture, dispensing or opening of the manufacturer's container. It is good practice not to use drugs past their expiry date.

As long as it isn't spoiled, yes. Most food expiry dates are "Sell By" dates, not "Use By" dates. You will know that it is spoiled if it has a strange odor when you open it, or if the container appears to be pressurized.

You can always try it out, but I don't think you should use them past the expiry date. You may not get an accurate reading or any reading at all.

Yes. The expiration date is only for best used before the date. It does not mean that after that date the food is spoiled.

The drug is guaranteed a potency which lasts until the expiry date. More than likely, being only 2 months past the expiry date, it will be OK. But, you are taking a chance and if it was for a cure of a STD (not, say for strep), I would get a new tablet.

Centres which sell or give away food past it's best before date

Drinking food past the best used date is not recommended by the manufacturer but generally you can expect the quality of the food to be not at it's best.

They could if you use the contact past its expiry date, use dirty hands to touch your contacts, use expiry contact lubricants and if you sleep in contacts beyond the days advised by your optician. So its better to keep them with care.

No It is never safe to take medication that has gone past its expiry date

Yes, you can. It is not recommended past 2 days, but if the milk doesn't have a spoiled smell or doesn't have lumps in it, the milk should be okay to drink.

the food is past through the stomah

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