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What does helado de coco mean in spanish?


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coconut ice or coconut ice cream.

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Although sounding like chocolate or cocoa, it's the spanish for coconut ice cream.

"De" is a preposition that translates to "of" or "from" usually. It could be either in this case.

ice cream is helado strawberry is fresa helado de fresa

"Mantecado de coco" is the spanish word for cocunut ice cream.

Noix de coco means coconuts.

une noix de coco - a coconut

The Spanish word 'cono' means cone. For example, the phrase "Quiciera un helado de fresa en un cono." translates to "I would like strawberry ice cream in a cone."

de means of in spanish

Trienta de octubre translates from Spanish to mean the 30th of October.

The Spanish words for "vanilla ice cream" are "helado de vainilla." They are pronounced, "ay-LA-doe day by-NEE-ya." Sites such as provide audio pronunciations of many common Spanish words.

''de'' in spanish translates to of.

IT doesn't mean anything in Spanish. Perhaps you meant:"de mañana", an expression used in Spanish to mean "in the morning"

It means "of" or "from".

In Spanish Mesa Means Table De Mesa = from or of the table

The cast of Helado de Pistacho - 2007 includes: Cristina Arce as Rota Maria Briones as Gudr Eduardo Prieto as Marcos Alito Rodgers as Mateo Alexandro Valeiras as Juan

De is a preposition meaning of. It can also mean from, about, with, and as.

"Fin de semana" in Spanish means "weekend" in English.

The indefinite article "de" in Spanish is analogous to the indefinite article "of" in English.

Jugo de naranja means orange juice in Spanish.

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