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What classes are required to teach accounting?


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It depends on the level you want to teach and the requirements set by the state or country you want to teach in and the school you attend to earn your degree. To teach accounting at a high school level, you would need to get a bachelor's degree in accounting with additional teacher education requirements/degrees. To teach accounting at the college/university level, you would need to get a Master's Degree and then a PHD in accounting.

Classes required would include finance, accounting research, cost accounting, marketing, office technology, and financial accounting. Teacher education courses include basic courses in Math, English, Science, and Social Science and then courses towards teaching such as human development, lesson planning, classroom management, classroom technology and instructional methods.


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You can visit to view different websites and online schools that can teach you all about accounting. The website will go into more detail about where to go to find online accounting classes.

The particular names of classes and semester dates will vary from college to college. Typically, you will have to take Algebra, something about business communication, as well as several core accounting classes. Some of these may be; Financial accounting, Managerial accounting, Payroll accounting and Intermediate accounting. There will also be classes involving economics and taxation.

There are many providers of online accounting classes. For example, the website provides online accounting classes and so does the website

This is very possible BUT if that is what you want you should verify this with the school that you are taking the accounting course with. To make sure that you will be getting the education that want in doing income taxes.

You need to take the classes for becoming a teacher. Just knowing the subject is not enough. Plus a background check.

There are several places in which you can take online accounting classes. The main place in which you can do so is on Banks accounting's website. They have many classes.

The amount of units needed to take in one semester to take up an accounting degree would depend on the school requirements in which you are attending.

The University of Phoenix offers online classes in accounting. Mckinley College also offers these classes in online versions if you are enrolled there.

Generally a two-year program is required to get an accounting certificate, though the exact requirements do depend on the institution and the education history of the individual. Classes generally cover auditing, financial accounting, business communication, individual income tax accounting, and general applications of accounting.

They do offer accounting classes under their undergraduate program. You would need to enlist in their Bachelor of Commerce Program with a concentration in accounting. They do not offer the accounting classes by themselves.

There are plenty of university, community college, and vocational schools that offer accounting class online. I look at the University of Phoenix for accounting classes as an example.

Online accounting classes are sufficient and you can even obtain your degree in accounting online. The University of Phoenix offers such programs.

The University of Arkansas does offer classes in accounting. There also appear to be several programs which are geared toward higher education in accounting. Feel free to call an admissions counselor or visit the University to assess the quality of the classes.

Most high schools have business classes. And most have business clubs. Some have associations with civic organizations that promote entrepreneurs. Taking courses that teach you about business, comupters, accounting, Technical math, and creative classes that tap your own creativity, sometimes cooking classes, art classes, photography classes, acting classes.

Some specialized accounting fields include: tax accounting, corporate accounting and forensic accounting. Studying for these types of accounting position requires extra classes in college.

An accounting degree requires a very strong background in math. Depending on the desired degree some required classes may be Elementary and Financial Accounting, Intro to Business, Human Relations in Business, Business Law, Business Communication, Marketing, Business Mathematics, Personal Finance, Microcomputer Software Applications and Macroeconomics.

Accounting Classes, Marketing Classes, Business Communication and Basic Legal Classes.

There are basic and advanced classes for computer repair. The basic classes teach general repairs and how to replace parts inside the computer. The advanced classes teach more technical repairs and how to actually fix some broken parts.

There are several trustworthy internet courses that offer accounting classes. The University of Phoenix and Empire State College offer internet classes in a variety of subjects, including accounting.

Not enough information. Required accounting of WHAT? To be submitted to WHOM?

A license is required to teach or practice psychology.

You should have a math background. As far as I know there might be a basic business class you would need to take, but usually a Junior in high school can take accounting with no other classes needed.

One must complete the classes required to earn a degree, before being qualified for a job in either the accounting, or the finance field. The two require the completion of different classes, so earning a degree in finance is not the degree needed to work in the accounting field, and vice versa.

The main courses you will be required to take are math, business, and management classes. Some of these classes might include business ethics, business math, computer management, and management accounting.

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