What are some recipes that use coconut cream?


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Some recipes that use coconut cream are Coconut Cream Pie, Coconut Cream Cake, Coconut Ice Cream, Coconut Sheera, Coconut Kewra Drink, Coconut Rice Noodles, and Coconut Barley Soup.

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You can try replacing milk or oil in the cake recipes with either of those ingredients.

Hawaiian recipes, Cuban recipes, and anything else you like. Coconut rice goes good with meats such as linguica (a Portuguese sausage), ham, pineapple, shredded pork, and black beans.

Typically, all recipes and drinks requiring canned coconut are referring to Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut. The most common size of this product is 15 oz. and it's not uncommon for recipes to call for the entire can, so I'm betting that's the amount you should use.

cheesecake, chocolate mousse, homemade whipped cream, pie

A substitute for dried/dessicated shredded/flaked coconut will depend on the recipe. Most use it for flavour and texture. In some recipes, rolled oats or wheatgerm could be the subsitute, but be aware that this will give a very different flavour, and is not suitable for some recipes. Coconut ice is very dependent on the texture and flavour of the coconut.

Coconut Cream, the thick semi-solid matter that forms on the top of some cans of coconut milk can be whipped. To do so place the can in the refrigerator over nigh, remove the solid cream that is on top of the coconut water. Do not use the water. Whip with an electric mixer, sweeten to taste.

The use for cream can be used for whipping and in recipes with chocolate but mostly for whipping.

You can find a good coconut milk recipe from many different places. The Cooking Network is a great source to use to find all types of delicious recipes. If nothing on the television is of any assistance, you can always try the internet.

Yes, in some cake recipes and in some cake mixes, cream cheese is a delicious substitution for butter. But cream cheese would not be appropriate in every cake recipe, so it is best to find a recipe that already calls for cream cheese. You can find these recipes on the websites of cream cheese companies.

Ice cream at its simplest is made of milk, cream, sugar and some flavoring, such as fruit puree or vanilla. Some ice cream recipes use a custard base, which call for eggs and flour, as well.

I usually use heavy whipping cream. However some ice cream recipes ask for half and half instead of cream (half and half is half cream and half milk, so you could mix that yourself).

Eat the meat, drink the juice, use it to make something (like coconut cream pie :)yum).

Coconut oil is not an essential oil. In some recipes coconut oil is used to thicken lotions and creams. There are even soaps that are made with coconut oil. However, low grade coconut oil can go rancid fairly easily, so it is not your best bet for this use.

Researching to find recipes that one can use half and half cream with has lead to some delicious looking recipes. Some of the ideas were Grilled Steak Taco Salad, Chicken Curry with Green Peppers and Smooth Guacamole Dip. For more ideas and complete recipes one can view the "Dairy Goodness" website.

Caribbean flans (Cuban, Puerto Rican, etc) typically use coconut and/or coconut milk in their recipes. Some also use Rum as in the case of the Coquito Flan. Mexican flans are often made with cream instead of condensed milk and use cornstarch which makes the flan a bit thicker than other flans that just use milk.

There are a variety of recipes that you can make with cream cheese and the most popular one is likely to be cream cheese frosting. There are many different recipes that you can use cream cheese in and a simple search on the BBC Good Food website will allow you to find hundreds of recipes.

There are a wide range of tomato soup recipes that use a wide range of different ingredients. There are several different recipes that do not contain cream of any sort.

just use regular cream maybe half and half (half 2% half whole) or lightly whiped butter cream

Cheesecake has cheese in it. Most recipes use cream cheese, though some use cottage or ricotta cheese.

Yes. Some recipes call for ricotta cheese. Vegan cheesecakes will use either tofu or vegan cream cheese.

There are a number of different recipes one can use cream of mushroom soup in. One of the best ways to use it is when cooking a meat dish in a crock pot, as it helps add a lot of flavors.

Yes, there are several good recipes if you just do a search for pumpkin pie with coconut milk --it is delicious--

Yes, you can. There are many fruit salad recipes which include sour cream as an ingredient.

Glutinous rice, coconut milk, coconut cream, grated coconut, sugar, brown sugar, cornstarch, rice flour, milk, coconut meat, grated cassava, eggs, sugar cane are ingredients used in native delicacies in some countries.

You can find a good coconut milk from many different places. The Cooking Network is a great source to use to find all types of delicious recipes. If nothing on the television is of any assistance, you can always try the internet.

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