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What are some odd jobs that pay surprisingly well?

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Todd L Ross
2019-09-30 14:11:25

Horse Trainer/Exerciser

Contrary to popular belief, other people outside of the jockeys actually help train and exercise the horses before their races. The main objective of a horse trainer is to make sure that the horses are properly prepared for the jockeys. According to, the annual median salary is around $50K. This is the perfect career choice if you're a horse lover!

Pet Food Taster

Pet food tasters check the value of pet food by sampling it in a taste-test. We know this sounds gross, but you don't have to swallow the food, you can spit it out! The main tasks for this unusual job are to evaluate different types of pet food and also to come up with new ways to improve the food so that it is nutritional for the animals. The average dog food taster in the US makes around $40K.

Water Slide Tester

This job sounds like an absolute blast! However, there are some risks involved. Since you're one of the first people to ride the slide, you could encounter some kinks and things that need to be changed while making sure that it is safe for others to use. The average salary for a water slide tester is $34K, which isn't a bad payout considering that you won't have to wait in line for any of the coolest new rides.

Fortune Cookie Writer

Are you always sharing words of wisdom with your friends? Then this could be the perfect job for you. Most fortune cookie writers start out making $28K, but other more established writers can make close to $75K. Not bad!

Professional Snuggler

But really, who wouldn't want to get paid to snuggle all day?! We know what you're thinking, but this really is for snuggling purposes only. Professional snugglers can earn up to $60 per hour!


A sommelier typically works in an upscale restaurant and specializes in wine. As a sommelier, customers will ask you which wine they should pair with their meal. Other tasks include preparing restaurant menus and maintaining wine cellars and other conditions relating to serving wine. On average, sommeliers make $50K annually.

Furniture Tester

This career allows you to try out different furniture and then give feedback to the manufacturer...which is pretty cool if you're a couch potato. Although some furniture testers work on a freelance basis, others are hired by larger manufacturers to work full time to ensure maximum comfort. Most furniture testers make $31K.

LEGO Sculptor

LEGO sculptors are considered to be a very distinguished and exclusive group. The tasks of a LEGO artists are to teach workshops and create different kid-friendly sculptures and exhibits for families to enjoy. The starting salary for a LEGO sculptor is approximately $37K annually.

Food Stylists

If you're passionate about food and have an eye for detail, this career is for you! Food stylists use their artistic talents to create delicious looking meals for various forms of advertisement such as magazine ads and commercials. Food stylists make around $33K per year.

IMAX Cleaner

Since the IMAX screens are giant, they can collect a lot of dust that cannot be removed with a traditional feather duster. You can earn a surprising $45K per year as an IMAX screen cleaner and maybe catch the latest flick while you're at the "office."

Bingo Manager

Becoming a bingo manager doesn't require a college degree, but you will need at least five years of experience. Bingo managers are in charge of handling customer complaints while ensuring that the bingo hall or casino complies with both federal and state gaming regulations. The bingo manager also approves of all jackpots, oversees the staff members, and maintains the budget. According to, the annual median salary of a bingo manager is close to $56K.

Golf Ball Diver

Golf ball divers can make between $50-100K, depending on who they work for. The main objective of a golf ball diver is to recover golf balls from lakes full of turtles, snakes, and frogs. This may not sound like the most fun job, but the paycheck wouldn't hurt!

Professional Bridesmaid

Now, always being a bridesmaid can actually pay off! Professional bridesmaids are paid to attend the weddings of strangers and can even help with the planning process and other wedding details. Professional bridesmaids can earn anywhere from $300 to $2K per wedding.

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