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Was American slaves taught Sunday School?


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Slaves were taught about Christ but they were not taught traditional Sunday school. It was against the law to teach a slave to read or write so I would think the answer to your question would be no.


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He offer a literacy lessons to his fellow slaves. He taught other slaves how to read and write at Sunday school. More than 40 member of slave are interesting to attend Sunday school.

She is the daughter of freed slaves, who taught at a freedmen's bureau school is louisiana.

No where there parents taught them that

Most Roman slaves never learned to read or write, those that did were either taught by another educated slave, or their master sent them to a Gramaticus (school) to learn. Also some slaves were teachers.

Sunday School was invented in the 1760s. At that time a number of children in England had to work at regular jobs six days a week. They received no formal education whatsoever. Various churches put in regular schools on Sunday. Children were taught to read, write and do arithmetic. They also received religious instruction. When the government established mandatory school attendance the Sunday school became strictly a religious training institution.

some of the teachings taught the slaves to be more submissive.

amature wrestling is taught in high school

some of the teachings taught the slaves to be more submissive. (APEX)

they were taught to read the bible

Different churches, denominations, and fellowships have different requirements for teaching Sunday School. Some require little more than membership, while others require being taught through a program offered by the denomination or church.

School was taken very seriously back then and they were taught most of the things we learn today.. on a chalkboard.... The only difference is that along with the every day math and reading, traditional Native American teachings were taught.

No it is not the law, so why make it compulsary to some students but not others. If they want to learn about God and Jesus thent hey should go to a Sunday School or church.

Before dropping out of school in 11th grade, Axl was well-rounded in extra-curricular activities. He ran cross-country, taught Sunday school, and sang at church.

Tom taught at your school after graduating from the university.

The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands was an American federal government agency that assisted newly freed slaves. The bureau encouraged freed slaves to find employment, assisted with finding lost family, and taught freed slaves to read and write.

Girl Sumerians usually did not go to school. But if the girl's family was rich and had slaves they could send her to school. But most of the time the girl would be taught how to sew, cook, clean, and respect a an. But if they were lucky they could go to school and become a scribe.

I was taught in Sunday school some 40+ years ago that Leviticus meant "book of Levites". Books of Levities meant the laws of Levites of laws of preists(and preists helpers I would assume). Am not sure if this is correct but, like I stated it was what I was taught

Clarence Ellis learned to read and write while attending school. He taught himself about computers while reading a computer manual when he was at work.

I am 15 and attend a British school. I have not been taught about the American revolution at any point. We have mainly been taught about British history such as the Victorians. I think that because there have been so many wars in Britain we are generally taught the ones that are most well know such as World War 1.

Originally, she taught at a Catholic school in Darjeeling, India, but then taught at St. Mary's School in Calcutta.

no george was actually taught in a log school in fredricksburg Virginia

No. They founded the Weslayan movement or rather the Methodist Church. They are Christian believers and taught the Bible very well. They helped start the Sunday School concept.

he has taught school for 10 years

John Adams attended a dame school, which is a local school taught by a female teacher. The school taught the rudimentary skills of reading and writing.

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