Should students be taught cooking in classes?


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YES! I am a student at an intermediate school and i would LOVE to be taught cooking as a class


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They are taught. Perhaps you cut classes when they were.

no ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Schools should not force students to be religious.

Elementary school students should be taught on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

In high school, students are taught how to apply the things they have learned in early education experiences. There are many classes that are offered in high school to students, but the main things that are taught are how to apply what students have learned in the past. This gets students ready for college and ready to face the world!

Cordon Bleu is a multi disciplinary cooking school for the home enthusiast. Cordon Bleu provide both physical and online classes ranging from basic to gourmet cooking.

If you love food and want to learn how to cook while you vacation in Italy, you'll want to consider these cooking classes, tours, or a cooking school. The Italian Cookery Course having two courses for traditional Tuscan cuisine and one course for Italian Mediterranean, which includes Italian, French, Spanish, and Moroccan cuisine. This vacation cooking school has been teaching cooking classes for over ten years and all of the classes are taught in English.

moral sciene is taught till lower classes if it is really impotant it should also be taught in further classes also

The role of students is to learn what is being taught to them. They should listen, be respectful, and take in knowledge.

It's not only taught in homes. It's taught in schools and health educational classes.

Noun-verb analysis is a means of identifying classes and their methods. If you look in the "problem statement" (a statement that explains what a software application should do) for nouns, they will often wind up as classes. If you look for verbs, they will be methods of those classes. A simple example of a problem statement might be: We are a training facility. We need to be able to track the classes that students take. Classes are taught by teachers. Students enroll in classes. Each class is assigned to one teacher and one classroom. So, we have classes, students, teachers and classrooms. Class will have methods like AssignTeacher and AssignClassroom. Students will have Enroll. Of course, there is more, such as how to handle the time of each class, and so on. But this gives an idea.

Creationism IS taught in public schools. There are many forms of creationism taught in mythology classes. Creationism, itself, is explored in philosophy classes. Biblical creation is taught in English and literature classes. Musical interpretations of Genesis are taught in music classes. Creationism is not taught in science classes because it is not supported by any scientific evidence whatsoever. It makes no verifiable predictions. It also has no practical application.

Bilingualism in education is process by which classes are taught in more than one language. It assists students in learning languages more quickly.

the same way they are taught in your country.

Yes. No... Self defense training should be completely left to the parents not the public school system..Some parents may not agree with their child being taught how to fight,there could also be civil liability's with schools teaching self defense classes to children... Schools should teach students the basics of avoiding strangers and calling for help in certain situations and to avoid direct confrontation and get an adults help.. It should be up to the parents to decide when their child is mature enough to be taught self defense and then have them taught by a trained professional skilled in self defense and not huddled into a class and taught by the gym teacher who is not trained in such skills....

Awareness of homosexuality should be taught in school, as well as respect for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. Sex of any kind shouldn't be taught in schools other than in sex education classes. However, there is nothing wrong with teaching homosexuality as a unit within a high school sex education class, as long as all the students in the class have parental permission.

No because developing social skills is an important part of human development. They need to be taught in an environment close to their peers

It distracts other students from learning the material being taught in class.

Students who are taking dental classes can get jobs while attending school. Typically the classes are taught during the day. The student can get any type of job that offers an evening shift and has a flexible schedule.

I guess for most it is 18, but if you are truly gifted maybe a few years before that.In CA high school students can go to college classes. I have had them in the college classes that I have taught. They are still in high school, but they can attend some classes at a college.

Provided it is taught in the appropriate context, creationism may be taught when and where it is legal to do so. It is generally legal to teach creationism in private, religious schools, although it ought not be taught out of context, for example in science or history classes. Evolution should be taught in science lessons, since it is a science but, of course, not in religious lessons.Creationism may be taught in public schools in lessons on religion if religious instruction is a permitted part of the curriculum. Being a topic of religion, it is generally not taught in public schools in the United States. The Supreme Court has recognised creationism as a topic of religion, so what should not be permitted is to portray creationism as other than that.

I believe the question was not what is taught now, but rather what type of math classes were required in the 1950's .

Yes, sciences are taught in certified nursing assistant classes. You can read more at

Very few students are bothering to learn cursive writing these days. But if something is taught, it is only fair to grade the results.

Only if students are also taught that we should eat what we can, preferably within a year. This would be a modest proposal.

This is a matter of opinion. Some believe that only parents should teach sex education and that the way it is taught in schools, the sex education corrupts children. However, the reasons it was first taught in schools were rather noble. Middle school (or junior high) children often rode the same buses as high school students. The high school students had notoriously filthy mouths and distorted ideas about sexuality. So the idea was to teach 5th and 6th grade students the correct information about sexuality and the correct terminology. That was to help keep the older students from corrupting them and to help keep the younger students safe. As time went on, those classes taught about things such as homosexuality, oral sex, anal sex, and many other things that the parents and even students found objectionable. At first, students could opt out of such classes if they offended their morals or their parents didn't want them in the classes. But they are mandatory classes now in some states, and the students' morality and faith are not being respected. Students are even being ridiculed by faculty for not agreeing with the party line. So it is not bad overall, it is just that it is done in a way that doesn't respect the rights of parents and students, and doesn't respect individuality and differences in opinions.

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