Is there any oxygen in outer space?


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Not at all. Jeez I would think that your school what of taught you that!!!


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i dont think thay can grow because the plants need oxygen and there is not oxygen in outer space

AS there is no oxygen in space, man will have to use oxygen cylinder and a mask.

because in outer space there is no oxygen

Pretty darn close, the SR71 can go out as far as the outer atmosphere.The limitation is that a jet engine needs oxygen to create the flame to get thrust from the engines, and there isn't any in outer space.Rocket engines are used to travel to outer space,and they carry their own oxygen for combustion, or use solid fuel that also creates its own oxygen.

There is no oxygen in space. Astronauts have to take oxygen with them.

Yes. There can be fire in outer space as long as there is something to burn (like oxygen).

Oxygen is needed in our body so we can survive. The cells in our body need it and without oxygen, the cells will die and we will die. When people go in to outer space there is no oxygen so oxygen tanks are taken so the astronauts receive the oxygen they need

Space junk, stars, planets and no vacums Nij ok???

Notice that detonating explosives like TNT and C-4 DO NOT require oxygen or any other outside reagent, so they can explode under water or in outer space.

besides oxygen, there is nothing. It is anti-matter. sound doesnt even travel in outer space. There is absoloutley no gases in empty space if you dont include stars and planets, ect.

Since there is no significant amount of oxygen in outer space, the rocket has to take all the oxygen it needs with it.

because there is no, repeat NO oxygen in outer space. since oxygen is the gas we live on, we need it to keep our heart pumping. And since there's no oxygen in space, therefore you need a supply of oxygen brought from earth.

astronauts take oxygen into space with them because space do not have any air or oxygen to breathe

It contains oxygen tanks, so they can breathe in outer space.

there not sure if theres living things in outer space yet but there might be

There are several problems met by astronauts in outer space. These problems include oxygen, radiation, gravity, weight, temperature, and food.

The earth's atmosphere has nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, neon, argon, and krypton gases, exerts pressure, diffuses light, holds heat, and transmits sound. Outer space doesn't have or do any of that.

A fire needs to breath or needs oxygen and in outer space or on the moon their is no oxygen.

You will die because you dont have a suit on. There is not oxygen in outerspace.

yes, people have died in outer space

after outer space is deep space.

There is no air, and thus no oxygen, in outer space, so the rocket needs to bring its own oxygen to burn its fuel.

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