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Is it safe to eat food past its expiration date?


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Yes. The expiration date is only for best used before the date. It does not mean that after that date the food is spoiled.


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I don't know what is sodium hydroxide but what I do know is that anything or any food that is past its expiration date is not safe to use.

It isn't safe to eat canned food past the expiration date even though you expose to summer heat and freezing in the winter because the food has a special date.

Well, expiration date is there to tell you when the food is no longer safe to eat it. Frozen items however can be consumed past their expiration date but only if they are not "touched" by freezer burn.

The expiration date just tells when the store or company will have new ones shipped in.

I asked my doctor this question and he said probably not harmful but might not be very effective after one year past expiration date. will get a bad case of diarrhea.

The expiration date is how long the medication is guaranteed to be potent for. You should be fine to take it past its exp date, just might not work as well.

If the pie crust has been kept refrigerated, and is only a few days past the expiration date, then it is safe to use.

is it safe to take ciprofloxaian afer the expiration date

No it isn't safe. Taking anything past the experation date is unsafe

Possibly, but it is not worth the risk. Cheese tends to develop mold after it reaches the expiration date, and the mold is not always easily visible. The manufacturers put the expiration dates on foods for the safety of consumers, so please, don't ever eat any food past the expiration date - it simply is not worth the risk. Food borne illnesses kill many people in the US every year.

Because creamed peas contain dairy I would not suggest consuming them beyond the expiration date

Obviously not, otherwise it would not have an expiration date.

Is it safe, yes.. But will it be effective? The answer is no. Prescription drugs have an expiration date because after that date is when the active compounds are determined to be ineffective. Just like food, after the EXp date, it just isn't good any more.

Medication should not be taken past the expiration date. While it is probably safe for quite some time, there is always a chance the ingredients could break down into something bad.

Any medication used after the expiration date is generally safe, but will begin to lose it's effectiveness after that date.

If the milk is in an unopened can, yes. Then it will stay safe up to 5 days.

No I dont recommend eating anything after the Expiration date

It might be, but it is not wise. I would smell it and see if it looks alright.

if it is pass the expiration date then throw it away and buy a new can of soup.You don't want to get tummy aches from it and it's BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. =)

is it safe to take paracetamol after exprity date

No, the expiration is there for a reason and the drug may lose its effectiveness after that date.

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