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Is it OK to eat cashews after the expiration date?


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Yes as long as there is no gas escaping from them.


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Popcorn would most likely be OK to eat after the expiration date, but it also would most likely be starting to get stale and soft. Ik!

The expiration date is when the product should be thrown out, however it is ok to eat it only if it is slightly (one or two day(s)) past the expiration date.

If there is no mould on it and it smells fine it should be Ok

Well, on the day after the expiration date, it should still be OK to eat. Just don't wait a week or so to eat it again because it will turn moldy and sticky .

no not yogurt its the worst thing as it is stale

how lonf is flouride ok after expiration

yes, as long as it has been in the freezer and you just took it out.

Expiration date: Do not use/eat on or after that date. Best if used/eaten by date: Better if used/eaten before that date. Almost the same but when something expires you can't use/eat it.If it just passed the best if used/eaten by date it's ok to use/eat but it's better not to.

It should have an expiration date stamped on the can somewhere. If today is before that date, then it is ok to eat.

Yes, it will be fine to eat chicken Kiev's that are out of date. As long as the food was put in the freezer before the expiration date they can be eaten.

no, that is why there is an expiration date.

There is no expiration date! There is a date of manufacture under the brim. It really depends on the condition, whether it is still OK.

Is it an expiration date of a best before date? Best before dates have BB next to them usually. If it's a best before date, then it's fne and dandy, but if it's an expiration date then probably not good.

It should be perfectly fine. If the sandwich is made with ingredients that are not past their expiration date, then it should be plenty safe to eat.

yes, u can. it's not like on the expiration date, the drug will stop working. it just may not be as strong, the further away from the expiration date.

No ! The expiration date is a 'safety feature' - to ensure the customer consumes the product before it goes rotten.

Smell it first and if it smells ok, then its probably fine.

Personally I think none whatsoever, if it smells and feels Ok then it is OK.

Uhh... never that's why its an expiration date!More informationAround here, the date on the milk carton is a not an expiration date. If it was of initial good quality and has been handled and stored properly, the milk should be OK up to 5 days or even a week beyond the date on the package. A week or two even milk is still good after the expiration date.

Not neccessarily. Anyway, much of the time you can ignore the expiry date - food is usually ok for several daysafterwards.

Depending upon storage conditions and how far it is beyond expiration, it might be OK. Use your senses. Check for off odors, sliminess, mold or bacterial growth. Cook thoroughly if everything else seems all right.

Duration and potency will be affected . Better safe than sorry.

If it smell ok and the taste hasn't gone of it should be fine.

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