Is ham good after expired date?


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ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is why they have an expiration date, and keep in mind, meat is never good after it's expiration date! :)

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Maybe, if it has not been expired for more than a day or two...After that, you may run a salmonella risk..

it's still good but it CAN'T BE EATEN AFTER EXPIRED DATE!

I say ham lasted for atlest 8 to 9 weeks

No good if expired, it may well have a sour smell as well

If it was still good, it wouldn't have an expiration date. If the ID expired, you need to renew it for it to be valid.

look at the expiry date, and then at todays date. If the expiry date is before todays date then your passport has expired.

It has an expiration date for a reason. I would say nothing is good to ingest after it's expired.

No, there isn't any company that accept expired coupons. Expired means cancelled, no longer any good and it is not accepted anywhere for use. The date let's you know if it's valid or not.

i would not reccomened you did, as when milk is out of date its not very good for you.

No, i had a pack that was expired and i talked to my pharmacist about it and she said that they will NOT work if they are expired and there is a chance you can get pregnant. I would not take them after the expiration date.

Yes, and this is a good way to save leftover cooked ham. You will need to place it in a freezer-safe container or bag and write the date you placed the ham in the freezer on the container. If you haven't eaten the ham in six months, throw it out.

Out of date or expired

I doubt that there is any food safety issue with the expired candy. The expiration date will have more to do with quality. The flavor, color and texture are likely not as good as it should be.

After the expired date of any food you can't eat it any more, especially meat because it is unhealthy to eat it after its expired date.

no drug or food is good after it has expired

It is best to avoid expired meats. But if the tuna were stored in a cool dry place, it should still be good up to a year after its expiration date.

By reading the expired date and you will known

You can eat expired Corn Flakes if they look and smell okay. The date on the box is not actually an expiration date, it is a best if used by date. The Corn Flakes are not as fresh after that date.

Words that mean something has spoiled could be rotten. Or out of date, expired, gone bad or no good.

The expiration date is shown on the page with the photo or is calculated from the "good for" number of years shown on that page.

Ham is so good because it is so meaty and delicious

=IF(G17="","No Audit on File",(IF(G17>TODAY(),"Valid","Expired"))) Works!!

My advice for eating canned food after its expires is a bad thing because once it expired its not good googd for you to eat so dont eat expired food

If something has expired, there's a good chance that they're no good. If it's one day after expiration date, it should be fine. A month, however, I don't think so. Would you risk it?

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