Is canned crab meat safe to use for sushi?


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Crab meat is typically fully cooked in the canning process and should be safe for sushi.

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Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat canned crab meat without cooking it, normally it is already cooked ahead of time when canned.

If you are talking about shelf stable canned crab meat, the date on the can is likely the 'best by' date and not an expiration. If the can is unopened, has been stored properly and is not swollen or damaged, it is likely safe to eat, but the palatability of the crab meat will deteriorate over time. The processor will not guarantee the product beyond the recommended 'use by' date.

Absolutely! Unopened, it can be kept up to the expiration date marked on the can.

Probably not. You could try it but I wouldn't.

Personally,I wouldn't use it after 1 day unless you rinse it ,drain it and put it in a freezer-safe container and place it in the freezer. Then you should keep for no more than 2 weeks.

Be sure to thaw, and then fully cook the meat. This should rid the meat of unwanted bacteria.

Play Sushi, isn't safe. It's loaded with viruses, and surveys. I don't recommend it.

No. Leaving potentially hazardous food out at room temperature overnight is not safe.

1.952 seconds after it has been canned

It is highly unrecommended to eat the crab meat after it's expiration date at all.

It is not safe to eat undercooked or raw meat of any kind while pregnant. you can eat certain types of sushi that are all vegetables or cooked fish not any uncooked or ones that contain high mercury levels. Tuna is a big no-no, cooked or raw it is very high in mercury.

Yes. It's safe to eat canned food right out of the can. It's never stopped me from eating it directly from the can.

A year is safe. Check the date on the can, or jar, if home-canned.

The size of the meat will have a big affect on time. As well as the heat of the fire. Your best bet is to get a good meat thermometer to insure the internal temperature reaches a safe level. Otherwise you may be serving sushi!

Canned juice is safe until it is expired or opened and left out for a long time. The canned juice may also have an expiration date. The description will help determine if to throw it out or not.

A recently killed crab is safe to steam. It is recommended that seafood be no more than four hours old from the time of death to be safe.

Answer:The expiration date is a recommendation by the manufacturer of when you should use the item for best quality and taste. "Pasteurization" only means that the pathogenic bacteria have been reduced to safe levels. It does not mean that the crab meat is commercially sterile. Since bacteria will still be present, pasteurized crab meat will be very sensitive to time and temperature fluctuations, so it could start to spoil even before the expiration date. Whether or not to use it will be completely up to you. There will be no guarantees on the product after the expiration date.Answer:No. It is not safe to eat anything that has passed its 'best by date' or 'sell by date' ~ these are warnings for us so that we don't get sick with food poisoning. Some people may get away with this every once in a while, but it is NOT worth the risk as food poisoning is absolutely the pits. So please stick to the dates for your own health and throw it away. Rather be safe then sorry!

yes, when it is canned its safe to eat, unless the top is bulging , or there is an outward hiss when opened . The can should suck air in when opened . If not then you should not eat it .

Yes it is safe. You will not hurt your baby by eating meat. meat is a protein!

If they weren't safe they wouldn't be permitted to include them

It is safe to eat the pearl meat when pregnant.

Yes. It is safe to eat the goat meat when pregnant.

If you've never had sushi, you might like to start with something more familiar to you, or at least, a sushi roll with ingredients that you have eaten before. I would go for a Teriyaki Chicken & Avocado/Cucumber roll. The chicken is really just like any chicken you'd find at a typical Asian restaurant; it tastes good. And the avocado or cucumber? Well you've had them before haven't you? You might not even like the whole seaweed or rice concept, anyway. However, most Westerners who have had sushi love it. It is generally healthy, and it tastes good, too. I wouldn't go for crab meat, salmon, caviar, etc. if this is a first try. But Teriyaki Chicken and Cucumber or Avocado is safe, right?

For the most part it is, but it can be unsafe if the fish it has been made with is not fresh enough. Sushi should also not be eaten by pregnant women.

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