Instant pudding chemical or physical change?


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chemical you can see a physical chane happening, for example ice cream melting

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It is a physical change. Dissolving is a physical property called solubility.

Sudden crystallization of a supersaturated solution. This is a physical phase change, not a chemical change.

Yes, burning is a chemical change.

A chemical change occurs when a new species is formed, and is generally not reversible. A physical change can usually be reversed as in the case of instant coffee. The coffee goes from a solid to a solution. Evaporation of the water would give the coffee back as a solid.

physical and chemical depends if it is physical and chemical change. if it is that it deals with science because physical change is when it does not change by chemical. for example burning a piece of paper is physical change. Chemical change is when a substance is changed by a chemical.

Physical change of the paint, not the door.

helium has no physical or chemical change helium has no physical or chemical change

The major difference between a physical change and a chemical change is that a chemical change involves a change in chemical composition, and a physical change does not.

Physical change is a change in the structure. Chemical change is a change in the composition. Melting is a physical change. Complexing is a chemical change.

A phase change is a physical change. It is not a chemical change.

No. A physical change is a change that does not change the chemical composition of a substance, while a chemical change does change the chemical composition of a substance.

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