How popular is the coconut cream pie?


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There is no way to determine the exact number of people that love coconut cream pies. A cream pie that tastes better is based on your personal preference.

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A slice of coconut cream pie is roughly 300-500 calories, depending on the recipe.

Some recipes that use coconut cream are Coconut Cream Pie, Coconut Cream Cake, Coconut Ice Cream, Coconut Sheera, Coconut Kewra Drink, Coconut Rice Noodles, and Coconut Barley Soup.

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Yes, coconut cream pie should be refrigerated because it contains egg. Any custard based pie or pies made with eggs, cream or milk should be refrigerated.

AllRecipes has a recipe for Old Fashioned Coconut Cream Pie. This recipe is highly recommended by users of the site with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.

Maybe you used fresh coconut (which holds a lot of water)?

Yes, she does. Her favorite is coconut cream.

No, the filling will separate, get watery when it thaws.

about fourty-four weeners.

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pie is clearly better than cake. don't question the power of pie. it always depends if its banana cream or coconut cream pie the............PIE!!!!!!!!!! But if its a chocolate cake then.........................CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Eat the meat, drink the juice, use it to make something (like coconut cream pie :)yum).

1- Pumpkin Pie 2- Apple Pie 3- Blueberry Pie (And I LOVE coconut cream pie

Apple, pumpkin, pecan and lots more, those are just the popular ones! Some people just make their own type of pie that is special to their family. There is also coconut cream pie, aprocot pie, key lime pie, and cherry pie!! *i love pie*

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No, that is not the definition of the word, "pie". However, there is a kind of pie called "coconut pie".

There are many places to find recipes for coconut cream pie, though the best places to look are the Betty Crocker, Kraft, and Martha Stewart websites. There are also several third party websites that could have good recipes.

As far as types of pies, you have your fruit pies, which usually have a crust on top. For soft pies, you have cream pies, which have whipped cream on top, and meringue pies, which have a meringue on top.There are many different flavors of pie, but it seems apple is the most popular among the fruit pies. Other mainstays are cherry, blueberry and peach. If you're interested in cream pies, chocolate and coconut cream are by far the most popular.

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No, coconut cream and coconut milk are not interchangeable.

Coconut cream and coconut milk is not the same thing.

Coconut-cream pie and wineWith such desserts a fruity, light-bodied white wine that is sweet so that it does not kill the dessert. If the wine you are serving with a dessert is a full-bodied white, then obviously you are killing the dessert. The dessert mentioned here is coconut cream pie, which has coconut, cream, and a base of pie crust. Cream contains fat, and coconut has its own sweet flavor that contributes to the dish. If you want to retain the flavour of coconut and cream in the dish idealy a greener, lighter and semi-dry wine should be served, as it won't be very sweet to overpower the dessert nor will it be very dry to kill the dessert. The wine that can be recommended is any SAUTERNES or sweet German white.Other people say:The best beverage to have with coconut-cream pie is coffee. The term "dessert wine" is an unfortunate misnomer. I would not pair any wine -- even very sweet ones such as late-harvest rieslings and muscats -- with a pie, particularly one as cloyingly sweet as coconut-cream pie. If your dessert is not very sweet and tends toward the bitter, such as bitter or dark chocolate confections, then you might consider a Port. But save the Sauternes and other dessert wines for AFTER dessert. Try a sparkling wine semi sweet wine they pair well with sweet desserts and the bubbles help to clean the palette

Save On Foods have Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk.

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