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How long past the expiration date is creamed peas safe to eat?


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Because creamed peas contain dairy I would not suggest consuming them beyond the expiration date


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They can last forever. The only problem with using them past the expiration date is the longer the inhaler goes past the expiration date the less effective the medication will be.

You can eat it 30 days after the expiration date is. No more!!

No because i wont have its creaminess anymore. So my advice is finish it before the expiration date.

They are no good as of the expiration date...

The expiration date is how long the medication is guaranteed to be potent for. You should be fine to take it past its exp date, just might not work as well.

NutriSystem food only lasts as long as the expiration date states. Once they have gone past the expiration date then the food is has gone stale.

Some drinks will be good far past the expiration date on the bottle or can. Other drinks will not even be good up to the expiration date if left in the wrong conditions.

You cannot take medication that is a few days past the expiration date because after the expiration date, they lose potency and may be unsafe.

Turkey bacon should be eaten by the expiration date. The bacon only lasts a few days past the expiration date if kept well.

I'd be careful and just not use it... Usually groceries can last about a week after the expiration date, but I still wouldn't use it.

They must be thrown out due to chemical breakdown.

You don't want to use any medication past the expiration date, as it will not work as effectively as it should. Your asthma may not be as well controlled if you use Asmanex past its expiration date, which is 45 days from when you open it.

Most coupons have an expiration date that is printed on the front. Check your Cheerio coupons to find out their expiration date. You can then determine if they are past the expiration date or not.

I would not recommend eating anything that has passed it's expiration date, eating such products may cause food poisoning.

You shouldn't eat cake if the flour used to make it is way past the expiration date.

The expiration date is when the product should be thrown out, however it is ok to eat it only if it is slightly (one or two day(s)) past the expiration date.

I don't know what is sodium hydroxide but what I do know is that anything or any food that is past its expiration date is not safe to use.

Yes. The expiration date is only for best used before the date. It does not mean that after that date the food is spoiled.

The date on margarine likely has more to do with quality and flavor rather than food safety. The date is probably more of a "best by" than and "expiration". It will be up to you whether to use it or not.

If the milk is in an unopened can, yes. Then it will stay safe up to 5 days.

if you have packaged popcorn past the expiration date, throw it way because if must be at least 3 years old.

The date on the broth is NOT an expiration date. There are only a very few foods with an expiration date. They are baby foods. The rest are "best by" or "use by" dates. The manufacturer is saying they "guarantee" maximum quality if consumed by that date. Nothing "magical" happens inside the package on the date on the outside.

no, that is why there is an expiration date.

well most foods are still good after their expiration date because usually the expiration date is the sell date, so yes it could still be good. also yes and no bacause the expiration date is not entirely accurate. if it is a year past its expiration date i advise you NOT to eat it!

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