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How long is cough medicine with codeine good for?


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It is good until the expiration date marked on the bottle

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how long does codeine stay in your blood and urine??

Codeine has mild analgesics properties and also it doses not cause addiction.Codeine IS addictive. MeemersCodeine is definitely an addictive medication and usage should always be monitored by a doctor. Codeine is an analgesic narcotic.Effects of codeine generally start to have an effect within 30 minutes after ingestion and the effect can last from four to six hours, or as much as 8 hours.Codeine is addictive, so you should take care to follow your doctor's instructions about dosage and how long you should be taking the drug. When codeine reaches the brain, it is converted to morphine. It then suppresses your cough center, causing you to cough less. It is generally prescribed for a cough that is non-productive.

If the cough syrup contains codeine, it can be detected in the urine for 1 to 2 days. After that, it will be out of a person's system. Codeine can be detected in the hair for around 90 days depending on how much and how often a person has taken it.

Zutripro cough medicine has chlorpheniramine (antihistamine), hydrocodone (cough suppressant), and pseudoephedrine (decongestant). Generally in most adults it takes about 4 days for these medications to be metabolized or eliminated in the urine.

whats the medicine for long cough for almost month and sometimes he got chill

It depends on the formula and strength of the exact medicine you are using and especially the dose of codeine in each tablespoon.If possible, read the label and if it tells you how long to wait between doses or how often you can take it, the time between doses is how long it is expected to last in most people, and that is the minimum time needed between doses.If not possible to read the label, contact your pharmacist who filled the medicine and/or your doctor to get their advice for your individual situation.Some people have variation in how long medicines last for them compared to other people, so if you find that it is not properly controlling your cough while you are taking it as directed, or if you find yourself too groggy and sleepy or breathing too slowly, then contact the prescribing health care professional and ask the same questions to see if an adjustment in type of medicine or dosage is needed.The main concern with cough syrup with codeine in it is appropriately a concern for over-depression of the central nervous system. It is not intended for long term use in most cases which can also raise concerns about overdose or addiction. Don't drink alcohol with the medicine or mix other central nervous system depressants.

If you are taking cough medicine to help your cervical mucus, it should not be taken all month long. (only a certain one should be used and for a limited time.) Using it too long, COULD effect your period.

Yes, as long as the prescription was written for YOU by a licensed doctor (or other licensed prescriber) you can take it for as long as you have it. You should check the expiry date on it however as the ingredients might not be fully effective any longer, although I'd say a year is still good. (I am a doctor) Once filled, a prescription doesn't run out of validity

In general yes. However be advised, some cough syrups contain stimulating agents to counteract the sedative nature of codeine; that is, they may contain pseudoephedrine. Long story short, if you find yourself heavily stimulated by coffee, use in moderation if the syrup contains other stimulants.

um yes it is still safe as long as the seal wasnt broke then it should still be good to drink but if the seal is broke i wouldn't take it and/or ask a doctor if its o to ake it if the seal is broke but no it should still be good as long as it has a seal that's not broke

well can cause you to be unaware of things around you, sort of like being drunk. and it helps pain, cough, and diarrhea relief

No reason to be detected! As long as you wear underwear, you'll never catch a head cold!

Yes. As long as you do not overdose on the albuterol, it is okay to take cough medicne (liquid or pill, nothing else) right after you have taken albuterol or nebulizer medication.

Yes. Only IF you, or your dog(?) have time immediately afterward to have a nice long nap. Both allergy and cough medicine have the possibility of reinforcing each other with profound sleepiness. Call your drugstore with both products in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other. (The print is microscopic on both bottles)

It depends on the individual's body type (i.e., height, weight, overall condition, etc), the brand of cough syrup, the given dosage, and the amount of codeine in that dosage; the age of the medication and the environment (i.e., temperature, humidity, etc) are also factors. Therefore, there is no set answer for this question. As such, always follow the manufacturer's, pharmacist's, and/or doctor's recommendations for the given medications.

addiction is what you will get with long term use of codeine its an opiad

A dose of penicillin, if you give them the long lasting, inject it under the skin as apposed to in the muscle. Long lasting is better as the animal will slowly absorb the medicine.

As long as the dosage is for.

There are optional answer.It will work Fast if you eat vegetables or Non-Cholesterol foods to help medicine works fast.but if you don't eat well vegetable and rice, it won't work fast.

There would not be any interaction as long as you are taking a normal dose of Vicodin.

This last for a long time, usually about a week. You usually get a fever but not all the time. You can get an after cough for up to two weeks. It feels terriable! Go to the doctors and get medicine right away if you have these symtoms.

If you have suffered from a cough for that long, you need to see a doctor. You may have asthma or emphysema or some other chronic condition. Over the counter medicines are not usually recommended in those cases.

whe you suck this fat long toe.

It really depends on how long the whooping cough goes untreated as to how much damage it does. With modern medicine, it is usually caught quickly, but sometimes it is misdiagnosed and slips by.When left untreated it can cause a variety of problems, the main being a deep gasping cough.Also:pneumoniaear infectionsloss of appetiteseizuresdifficulty breathingdeathAfter whooping cough has been treated and the patient is no longer infected, the cough can remain for many weeks after.

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