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How long is a Tennessee drivers license good for?


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2009-01-07 19:34:18
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The expiration date is printed on the license.

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The expiration date is printed ON the license.

A Maryland drivers license is good for 5 years

When I took my drivers education class, I was 16 years old, took my drivers test, passed and given a Provisional License to drive as long as there is a licensed driver with me. Then when you turn 18, a regular drivers license is mailed to you.

You will have to be in drivers ed for approximately 6 months before you can get a drivers license.

Yes as long as you can pass the state road test for a drivers license.

Yes, as long as you have property where you have the license from.

You have to hold a learner's permit for 6 months before you can get an intermediate license in Washington.

So long as the suspension of your VA license is active, no. You'll need to appeal to VA and pay the reinstatement fees if they say yes.

I know in Connecticut they're good for 5 years, until the date of your birthday.

As long as you have a drivers license.

yes, as long as you obtain a visitors license for that state

The short answer to your question is yes. As long as your drivers license is a full drivers license and not a learners permit you are allowed to drive in all 50 states reguardless of where your license is from.

To obtain a Tennessee drivers license, applicants under the age of 18 must (1) have a learners permit for at least 180 days, or (2) have been licensed to drive in another state for at least 90 days. There is no learners permit time requirement for applicants age 18 or older.

you only need a drivers license as long as the motor is 49cc or less

As long as your responsible and have a drivers license or a snowmobile license u can carry a passenger

As long as you have a valid drivers license, you can be insured.

Yes, as long as you do not drive the car.

Yes as long as she has her drivers license.

Judgments in Indiana are good for 20 years and they have to renew it every 5 years. Have you considered bankruptcy?

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