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How long does pancake syrup stay good?


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as long as the expiration date says

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Maple syrup for example stays fresh for a VERY long and indefinite time if sealed well. There are too many different kinds of syrups to give a determinate answer.

they can stay good for about 4 weeks.

Well in the Freezer, it can stay good for months!

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Pancake batter should be thrown out when it reaches the expiry date on the package after being opened. After the expiry date the mix can be harmful or even fatal to people with mold allergies, so if your in doubt, throw it out.

it will stay good for about three days

It will stay good for about a week or so.

Sauerkraut can stay good in the fridge in a sealed container for up to two months. Canned kraut can stay good for a few years.

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Look for the date on the package. It will tell you how long it is good.

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Unopened, it should stay good for at least a month. If it is opened only about 10 days.

As long as it's not opened, in the can, it will stay fresh, a very long time. If opened in the can, please dispose of it, you can get poisoned.

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Homemade ones normally stay good for a week or less. Store bought cupcakes have lots of preservatives, allowing them to stay fresh for weeks.

Raw peanuts stay good for about six months. You can keep them even longer if you refrigerate or freeze them.

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