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How long are crest white strips good for?


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They should have an expiration date on the package!

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You leave a strip on for about 30 minutes, unless you are using the Crest White Strips Daily Multicare - those you leave on for 5 minutes.

Half hour is best...and the white spots you will see sometimes are normal...

You leave Crest White Strips on for 30 minutes for twice a day.

Nothing. After the recommended time, the active ingredient is expended, and the white strip is simply inactive.

Generally speaking it's a good idea to wear the retainers full time for a period after the braces are removed in order to allow the teeth to stabilize in their final position. Once the orthodontist tells you it's OK to move to part-time wear, you can use Crest White Strips at your discretion although its best to check with your dentist to make sure there aren't cavities or fillings that need to be addressed first.

yes as long as you keep your mouth shut then the strips should be fine.

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All products over the counter MUST have an expiration date on the box. It is mandatory by the FDA. Usually any whitening system lasts up to 12 months.

At least 20 minutes.Hope it works for u : ).

Not nearly as well. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. It degrades to water and oxygen over time. After expiration, there is still active ingredient, but, depending on long they've been expired, the effect is diminished. http://www.3dwhite.com/teeth-whitening/3d-white-faq.aspx

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