How long are McDonald's coupons with no expiration date good for?


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Any coupons that do not have expiration dates are supposed to be honored no matter when you use them.

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Coupons are good until the expiration date listed on the individual coupon. The expiration date is generally found at the top of the coupon.

If the coupon you received from General Mills has an expiration date, it will be on the coupon. If you do not see an expiration date, the coupon should be a good indefinitely.

Sonic coupons are good until the expiration date printed on the coupon. In the absence of an expiration date, it is up to the individual store to determine if it is valid.

Many coupons have an expiration date on the front of them. The print may be small but if you view your coupons you can see if they expire and when. Many internet offers have a date to use the coupon by. If there is no date you can take it to the store with you and have them check it out to see if it's still good to use.

They are no good as of the expiration date...

Yes, tire coupons do expire. You should always check the expiration date on coupons before you use them. I hope this friendus your question. Good luck.

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The Walgreens coupons you received should be good at the pharmacy. However, you may want to check the expiration date and the fine print on the coupon.

Maalox is no longer any good after the expiration date. When the expiration date has passed it means that it is no longer as effective as it once was.

well most foods are still good after their expiration date because usually the expiration date is the sell date, so yes it could still be good. also yes and no bacause the expiration date is not entirely accurate. if it is a year past its expiration date i advise you NOT to eat it!

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is why they have an expiration date, and keep in mind, meat is never good after it's expiration date! :)

No. antibiotics cannot be considered good after expiration date on bottle.

The coupon is probably is good for one year only from the date of receipt. However, it is best to ask the store to scan it to see if it is any good before you try to make any purchases. Most coupons have expiration date.

The expiration date is the last date on which the manufacturer is willing to guarantee that it is good. After that date, it may or may not be good (for that matter, it's possible for it to go bad BEFORE the expiration date, though this is not terribly likely).

It is never good to use any medication after an expiration date, if one is listed.

Batteries will still be good after the expiration date but won't hold as much of a charge.

It depends on how long you've had them. There is an expiration date on the coupon so you will have to check it to make sure it is not expired.

The coupons from Gardeners Supply do all expire, eventually. The exat date of expiration will vary from coupon to coupon, but in general they're only good for less than a year. has quite a few McDonald's coupons that you can print off. Also on this website is a good variety of other fast-food coupons.

There are numerous websites that offer a wide range of coupons including those for Ritz Pix. One can find coupons on sites such as Retail Me Not, Any Codes, Good Search and Coupon Cabin. These coupons usually have an expiry date so always be sure to check the date of expiration on the coupon.

Each Six Flags location has different coupons with different expiration dates. Many of them expire on October 30th but that does not mean that there won't be new coupons released that will be valid on a later date.

Yes, every coupon has its own start and expire date . The reason is that with the changing trends moving the inventory is very important . Kmart gives a real good set of coupons that give you discounts on already discounted items.

Some drinks will be good far past the expiration date on the bottle or can. Other drinks will not even be good up to the expiration date if left in the wrong conditions.

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You should never eat a dairy product after the expiration date.

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