How long after its expiration date is neosporin still good?


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About 6 months after the date.

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well most foods are still good after their expiration date because usually the expiration date is the sell date, so yes it could still be good. also yes and no bacause the expiration date is not entirely accurate. if it is a year past its expiration date i advise you NOT to eat it!

Batteries will still be good after the expiration date but won't hold as much of a charge.

No. antibiotics cannot be considered good after expiration date on bottle.

It is never good to use any medication after an expiration date, if one is listed.

Depends on the validity and expiration date on the passport, if expiration date has still not passed then the pasport is good to use.

They are no good as of the expiration date...

The word "expiration" means to die or cease to work. They put that on medication for a reason. No, it is not any good after the expiration date passes.

how long after expiration date is prozac good

If it was opened but kept in the refrigerator except for in use it should be still good a coulee years after the expiration date...

It's not, once a drug hits the expiration date it should be discarded -

Maalox is no longer any good after the expiration date. When the expiration date has passed it means that it is no longer as effective as it once was.

No drug should be used past its expiration date unless a doctor or pharmacist says it will still be good and beneficial to you past that date.

probably forever....i would still use it....

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is why they have an expiration date, and keep in mind, meat is never good after it's expiration date! :)

Uhh... never that's why its an expiration date!More informationAround here, the date on the milk carton is a not an expiration date. If it was of initial good quality and has been handled and stored properly, the milk should be OK up to 5 days or even a week beyond the date on the package. A week or two even milk is still good after the expiration date.

The expiration date is the last date on which the manufacturer is willing to guarantee that it is good. After that date, it may or may not be good (for that matter, it's possible for it to go bad BEFORE the expiration date, though this is not terribly likely).

Many good are still safe to use after their expiration date, but infant formula is not one of them. The date given on the formula container is the date after which the formula should not be used. The safety of a very young child may be at risk if the formula is consumed after the expiration date on the formula packet, and this is why there is a stricter rule about the expiration of infant foods than of other products.

No product should be used after it's expiration date. It may or may not still be good bcause the growth of bacteria isn't always on the same time line, but the dates are chosen to be as safe as possible. So heed them.

not much is good after ten years but check the expiration date.

Well, yeah, but any medecine which is older than its expiration date may be weaker, among other things.

Possibly not, the chicken may have gone off.

Some drinks will be good far past the expiration date on the bottle or can. Other drinks will not even be good up to the expiration date if left in the wrong conditions.

no, canned fruit expires in can faster than other canned foods. Follow the expiration.

If it was still good, it wouldn't have an expiration date. If the ID expired, you need to renew it for it to be valid.

how lonf is flouride ok after expiration

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