How long after expired date is it safe to eat pastries?


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Throw it away after the expiration date.


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Yes. It is safe to heat and eat honey that shows an expired date on the commercial packaging.

It is not safe to take expired medication.

It depends on how long it has been since the expiration date, and also whether the apple butter was opened or not.

You can take vitamins after the expiration date. They are normally safe to take. However, I wouldn't take them so long after they already expired.

Canned juice is safe until it is expired or opened and left out for a long time. The canned juice may also have an expiration date. The description will help determine if to throw it out or not.

Almost certainly, yes. The idea of an "expiration date" for distilled water is a joke by the bottler designed to trick you into buying fresh water when yours is "expired". As long as the bottle is still sealed, it's perfectly safe.

As long as it hasn't expired.

as long as bacon is frozen by the best by date it is safe for up to 2 years in most cases

Any food item that has expired is not safe to eat. That is the reasoning behind the expiration date to let you know how long the food is good. It can cause food poisoning or other stomach pains.

no, this is the reason why they have the expipiery date on it, do i highly aadvise you do not drink it

No, It is not safe to take any expired medicine..

No. If it was safe, then it wouldn't be expired.

lmao do not eat anything after the expiration date..its not sanitary nor is it smart

Is it safe to take azithromycin if it expired 2 years ago

non expired beef stock is not safe if not handled properly so you can imagine expired stock.

If you look at them and they aren't leaking you can use them,but they' will likely not work as long as new batteries would.

This IS self explanatory, but NEVER EAT ANYTHING EXPIRED. You can give something with a BEST BY: date 2-3 days. Something with a SELL BY: date 1-3 weeks. BUT ONCE THAT EXPIRATION DATE IS REACHED DO NOT EAT.

It depends on how long the cookies have been expired. If it was recent then it would be stale. If not it might be as hard as a rock or strange tasting. But you shouldn't have expired cookies anyway.

Maybe, if it has not been expired for more than a day or two...After that, you may run a salmonella risk..

how long after exsperation date is cake mixes safe to use ?

Of course it is safe to eat turkey burgers however if you have allergy from turkey meat or the turkey meat is expired and out of date it is not safe. It is safe while you have a healthy turkey and you do not have allergy.

Yes, most Tinned/sealed food is safe to eat. The only time that it isn't safe to eat is if the "Use by date" has expired

No. I would try not to eat something expired just to be safe. Expiration dates are there for a reason. Still expiration dates are approximate so it depends on how long Velveeta Au gratin potatoes have been expired.

No It is never safe to take medication that has gone past its expiry date

Depending on the distance between expiration date and and the current date, organic fruit juices may be safe to eat. The expiration date may also indicate the last day before the juice loses its quality, not the last day it is safe.

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