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How long after expiration date can you use it?


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w long after expiration can you use coffee?

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As long as you use them by the expiration date, they will be valid. You can use them at 11:59PM on the expiration date, and they will accept them.

yes as long as its not 5 days after thy expiration date...

Vitamin D supplements are usually ineffective after the expiration date.

how long after expiration date is prozac good

It is probably unsafe to use prescription drugs after the expiration date, and you should renew the prescription or contact your doctor.

I'd be careful and just not use it... Usually groceries can last about a week after the expiration date, but I still wouldn't use it.

Yes. All coupons have an expiration date. If you look at the top of the Similac coupon you will the expiration date listed.

It varies. Each coupon will have the expiration date on it unless it says "No Expiration".

Any coupons that do not have expiration dates are supposed to be honored no matter when you use them.

Maalox is no longer any good after the expiration date. When the expiration date has passed it means that it is no longer as effective as it once was.

probably forever....i would still use it....

You can't. There is a reason why there is an expiration date -- BECAUSE THEY EXPIRED!!

Pretty much until it goes moldy or tastes gross, I never check the expiration date unless on meat, or milk.

Velveeta does not use an 'expiration' date. Its 'Best when used by' date is a guideline for when the product may begin to lose quality under average storage conditions. I would use the unopened product up to a year after this date.

Each package of chicken has an expiration date to go by. The chicken should be kept in the fridge for as long as the expiration date is good. Always freeze before the expiration date.

how lonf is flouride ok after expiration

If it was opened but kept in the refrigerator except for in use it should be still good a coulee years after the expiration date...

You can eat it 30 days after the expiration date is. No more!!

If the contract has no expiration date then the contract continues till the breach of contract.

Sometimes it goes bad on the expiration date, sometimes a week later.

You should never eat a dairy product after the expiration date.

The date on the broth is NOT an expiration date. There are only a very few foods with an expiration date. They are baby foods. The rest are "best by" or "use by" dates. The manufacturer is saying they "guarantee" maximum quality if consumed by that date. Nothing "magical" happens inside the package on the date on the outside.

No, you can not safely use cake icing that is 2 years after the expiration date.

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