How does one get accepted by an online accounting school?


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Much like any school they would look at previous educational experience and how well you had done in it. They would be looking to make sure you completed the basic math and finance courses that accounting courses build off of.


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There are many things one has to do in order to get a Master's degree in accounting. First, one must get accepted into university. One must then get an undergraduate degree in accounting. One must then get into graduate school and earn the Master's degree.

Discuss; there is no one universally accepted accounting theory.

An online accounting degree can be earned at the University of Phoenix. This is an online and/or campus school. Other schools such as DeVry University also offer this program.

The most common accounting standards are the ones that one can find in the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), those are a group of accounting standards very common and widely accepted.

You can find out about UK accounting online at the Wikipedia website. Once on the page, type "Generally Accepted Accounting Practice" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the information.

One can go for a accounting course online directly on the webpage of the site or searching it online they have to go online mainly because is an online program i am guessing and you have to do it online.

Online education for accounting can be found at Multiple universities online. One great online school is University of Phoenix online; another is South University Online. Make sure you explore your options first, so that you get the best possible education.

There are many places where one can study for an online accounting MBA. One may visit online colleges such as the University Of Phoenix which offers online MBA courses.

As the Internet grows and become more and more established, online degree programs are becoming more common. As a popular major, Accounting Program is offered in almost all the universities. As a good references, one may refer to the list for Top 10 Online Colleges for Accounting Degree on theBestColleges for school information. Also, before starting, it's helpful to have a glance at the advice from How to Get Accounting Degree Online on wikiHow.

One can learn accounting on the web from accounting coach and free accounting school. These are known sites that are being used by thousands of people to learn accounting.

You can get accounting certification online, depending on if you are already a certified accountant, and depending on the level of certification you are seeking.

Kaplan University is an online school that offers a Master or Bachelor of Science in Accounting, as well as an Associate's degree or graduate certificate. They also have various specialties and additional certificates available.

One source of accounting software online is from the developers of the software themselves. Another source would be an online retailer like eBay, Amazon, or Newegg.

There are multiples web sites dedicated to helping someone find the correct school to attend online to complete a degree. If one knows which school they can be accepted to and offers the degree they wish to obtain online they can simply visit the web site of that school and follow the appropriate links to their online course options.

One can learn accounting and bookkeeping basics online at such internet web sites as ehow, nolo, universalclass, brightoncollege and accountingcoach.

Yes you can find one here

Villanova, Liberty, Grand Canyon, and Walden Universities all offer online degree programs in accounting. Each school is accredited and offers financial aid to those who qualify. There are schools that offer online accounting degrees. Kaplan University, and University of Phoenix Online both offer online accounting degree programs. These are schools that offer online courses in other disciplines as well. You can request more information about either school and also speak to one of their counselors. They can explain about the program and costs. Good luck!

You can find information on getting your accounting degree online by going to Additionally you can earn your degree at and

Find business textbooks and chapters for your business courses at Harvard ... Net to provide new online content and delivery options at both the instructor and ... from the Harvard Business School and a growing list of renowned institutions ... Harvard Business School On-Line Modules for Accounting and ... On an experimental basis, the Law School is making available two online courses from the Harvard Business School, one on accounting and the other on ...

It wouldn't be an actual diploma from your high school , but most GED programs do offer a diploma that is accepted as much as one from your high school.

Accounting courses are available at several colleges. Online, there are many accounting courses available from websites such as PennFoster and Independence.

There are a number of websites that can help one find jobs in accounting. One can use online employment sites such as 'indeed', 'Monster' and 'Jobsite' where many accounting listings are available.

There are many places where one could download online accounting software. One could check site such as Quick books for information regarding downloading this software.

While the poor economy has created a difficult job market for most industries, one industry and career that continues to hire more people is accounting. Accountants are in more demand than ever before as federal regulations have required businesses to utilize accountants to following accounting law, prepare financial statements, and complete full audits. For those that are considering a career in accounting, going to an online accounting college is a viable option. Going to an online accounting school will provide a student with a few different advantages. One of the main advantages is that it is affordable and convenient. Heading to a traditional four-year school, and completing enough courses to sit for the CPA could easily cost over $100,000. While accounting is a great and lucrative career path, that price tag may be too much money for some people. While all colleges are expensive, most people will find that an online school could cost less than half of a traditional school Furthermore, those that go to accounting college online could take classes at night, which would allow someone to work and go to school at the same time. The main advantage of going to an online accounting school is that a student will be able to qualify for the CAP after they have completed their education. Most states require that a student has at least 150 hours of school work, and about 40 in accountings focuses. Those that go to an online college could easily acquire those necessary classes, which will allow them to sit for and pass the CPA, which would then qualify them for the best accounting jobs after they have graduates. While online accounting schools have plenty of advantages, there are some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of going to an online school to obtain an accounting degree is that a student will not have as much contact with their professors. Accounting can be a very confusing curriculum. Those students that struggle with a class will normally benefit greatly from going to school and talking with professors to have questions answered. When taking class online, receiving this direct instruction will not be possible.

Here is one website that you can check out for free online accounting courses. Here is another one.

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