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How do you use the word covey in a sentence?


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covey- n. a small flock of birds

you use the word covey in a sentence by: first, reading the definition then, trying to make a sentence fits the definition.

Ex: We spotted a covey of birds. (please do not copy this sentence)


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well covey means a small flock or group or birds so all you do is you think of the definition of the word and then just work from there

On his morning walk, Joe scared up a covey of quail.

A covey is the collective noun for partridges.

On our nature walk, we spotted a covey of birds.

Covey is a word for a flock of partridges or quail. The word covey is common, singular, group noun.

The tornado sirens helped covey the sense of urgency in the town.

The noun 'covey' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a group of birds. The noun 'covey' is a collective noun for: a covey of grouse a covey of partridges a coven of quail a covey of pheasants a covey of woodcocks a covey of ptarmigans

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