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How can you find the expiration date on Geisha canned crab meat?


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The expiration date on Geisha canned crab meat should be stamped on the bottom. The date may be printed year first, and may be written as a single block of numbers in the middle of other letters and numbers. Look for a block of text such as "140912" which would indicate that the contents expire in the year 2014, in September (09), on the 12th day (12). This may also be stamped on the label. On some batches you may find the code printed as month, day, year, instead, so the same expiration date may also be written as "091214."

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If its the day of the expiration date yes but not after.

Many canned goods can still be eaten after the expiration date. Often the date on canned goods is not actually an expiration date, but a best if used by date. This is the date for peak quality.

No you cant eat canned tomato soup after expiration date.............

After the expiration date, you shouldn't eat canned goods. Safely consuming canned goods means that they are eaten before the expiration date.

If you are talking about shelf stable canned crab meat, the date on the can is likely the 'best by' date and not an expiration. If the can is unopened, has been stored properly and is not swollen or damaged, it is likely safe to eat, but the palatability of the crab meat will deteriorate over time. The processor will not guarantee the product beyond the recommended 'use by' date.

If there is an expiration date on canned food, it will generally be on one of the can ends. Sometimes you might find it on the label. Not all canning companies will put an expiration date on their products.

There are expiration date on canned food because still microbes are inside it so the canned food should be eaten before these microbes mould the food.

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The expiration date on canned vegetables is usually printed on the bottom of the can. It is sometimes written in very light print and, therefor, hard to read.

Yes it does but you might have to contact the Manufacturer. The code at the bottom of the can (or even the date) is not the expiration date. Its most likely the date in which it was made.

Absolutely! Unopened, it can be kept up to the expiration date marked on the can.

No, you should not use canned fruit after the expiration date in anything. Canned fruit and candied fruit are two different things. I didn't know candied fruit even had an expiration date. But if it has one, I'd follow it.

It is highly unrecommended to eat the crab meat after it's expiration date at all.

yes...........the dates are very long though

In theory: Quite some time. In fact: Canned food becomes more and more tasteless and unappetizing as it ages. In practice: Discard canned food past it's expiration date.

If they were frozen before the expiration date, there shouldn't be a problem. If they have been in the refrigerator, toss them.

Pringles canned chips can probably be eaten for years without danger. The expiration date (really the "shelf life" date) is an arbitrary date the manufacturer says they have become less flavorful than they think you will consider desirable.

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Depends on the food if it's canned yes if not it's not

it might be okay depending on what type... :)

Anchovies may not be quite as tasty after the expiration date but being packed in oil, canned and salted you aren't in any danger from food poisoning if they are only a month past.

It isn't safe to eat canned food past the expiration date even though you expose to summer heat and freezing in the winter because the food has a special date.

Canned food can be good for a year or more. If it is ruined, the gases inside the can will cause the can to bulge.

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