Does your school have accounting courses available?


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It would be preferred to have a degree in accounting if you choose a career in accounting, but that might not be true always. Even if you took other courses, you could apply for accounting position through other skills that might be needed by the company. There, you may be given training for your relevant tasks. Then, you should be able to determine which course that you want to take. For school courses, most college have fundamental courses for accounting.


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Accounting courses are available at several colleges. Online, there are many accounting courses available from websites such as PennFoster and Independence.

There are tons of online accounting courses. If by creditable you accreditable then you must specify which school you'd wish the credits to transfer to.

HTI stands for Higher Technological Institute. It is a school in Egypt that offers a variety of courses. Some of these courses include architecture, chemistry, engineering, accounting, and bio-medical.

Regis University is a Jesuit Catholic school that offers a variety of courses including religious studies, accounting, nursing, English and liberal arts.

An individual at an accounting school can expect to take a broad range of courses. For example, it is likely that an accounting student will take courses in math, law, taxation, business, and more.

Accounting, advanced buisness, and all the math possible would help.

To get a graduate degree in accounting you must complete a graduate program. Individual courses on their own will not get you a degree. There are schools with graduate programs online though.

Yes there are many accounting courses available online. You can try as they offer a really good accounting program and are considered an accredited university with many campuses throughout the state.

There are training courses available in every field and most specific occupations. Everything from accounting to concrete laying to software development is available to take in the UK.

Some of the courses include intermediate and advance accounting, cost accounting, taxation and auditing. Non accounting courses include business law and marketing.

There are many types of accounting qualifications. The main ones are Chartered Accountant (ACCA), Certified Accountant (ACA) and Management accountants (CIMA). However, its possible to do many courses in courses such as accounts assistants or accounting technicians all available at colleges.

The University of Pennsylvania has an enormous selection of courses varying form accounting to engineering. The University of Pennsylvania offers courses in several sciences and engineering fields.

Kaplan University is an online school that offers a Master or Bachelor of Science in Accounting, as well as an Associate's degree or graduate certificate. They also have various specialties and additional certificates available.

Much like any school they would look at previous educational experience and how well you had done in it. They would be looking to make sure you completed the basic math and finance courses that accounting courses build off of.

The most popular, nationwide online school for Accounting is the University of Phoenix. They not only have their courses online, but there are local outlets of this school nationwide to help you.

Universities like Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, and institutes like UC Berkeley,MIT offer accounting courses. You can find accounting courses online too.

Most general accounting courses require you to have a good knowledge of math.The courses that must be taken for accounting are bookkeeping all levels of business math.

Accountant* Math, Economics, English. You'll take a variety of math courses, several accounting courses (intro to accounting, Intermediate Accounting I, Advanced Accounting, and etc.) ,and courses in taxation and auditing.

Find business textbooks and chapters for your business courses at Harvard ... Net to provide new online content and delivery options at both the instructor and ... from the Harvard Business School and a growing list of renowned institutions ... Harvard Business School On-Line Modules for Accounting and ... On an experimental basis, the Law School is making available two online courses from the Harvard Business School, one on accounting and the other on ...

Staffordshire University offers many courses including accounting, aeronautical engineering, computer science, marketing and nursing. You can find a full list of available courses on their website.

Accountant Certification Training is available in wide range of places. Some courses can be taken online such as the Accounting Training Certification course offered by 'expertrating'. Others, can be taken 'on site' such as the Certificate Program in Accounting offered at UC Berkeley, or the Minnesota School of Business.

First, apply to a school that offers an accounting degree. Then work closely with the advising group at the school to make sure you are taking the correct courses. Once you pass your courses and receive the sufficient amount of credits to graduate, you will receive your degree.

You can learn about accounting systems through college courses such as the AAT qualifications. For a simpler overview there are numerous books available that explain the various systems, including Accounting Systems for Beginners.

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