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Can you eat canned fruit after the best before date?


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I have routinely eaten canned fruit after their expiration dates. That applies to most canned foods as well. One that doesn't last is canned milk. Toss it after it expires. Beans. canned meat, veggies, soup etc, all last much longer than expiration dates without altering taste or texture much. As long as the can is not punctured it should last much longer. One reason for expiration dates is of course safety. The other being likely, that companies want to sell their products, even if you can't keep up to eating them. So go ahead oand buy on sale eat later.

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Of course you can! Its a BBF (best before) date so you can but not if its a USB (use by date), hope this helps

No, you should not use canned fruit after the expiration date in anything. Canned fruit and candied fruit are two different things. I didn't know candied fruit even had an expiration date. But if it has one, I'd follow it.

Many canned goods can still be eaten after the expiration date. Often the date on canned goods is not actually an expiration date, but a best if used by date. This is the date for peak quality.

it depends on if its canned or not. if its canned usually you can. if its bottled or in a bag its good for 2-3 after the experation date.

Most canned foods don't have an exact expiration date. Unless they were improperly canned, they are not degrading in the same way uncanned food does - but they will deteriorate in nutrition and quality. If the can has a best-by date on it, try to use it before then. If not, try to use it within a year of purchase. If home-canned, try to use it before the next harvest. As always, check canned goods for signs of spoilage before using them.

no, canned fruit expires in can faster than other canned foods. Follow the expiration.

After the expiration date, you shouldn't eat canned goods. Safely consuming canned goods means that they are eaten before the expiration date.

You might notice that they don't taste quite as good as kippered herring that had just been canned.

There are expiration date on canned food because still microbes are inside it so the canned food should be eaten before these microbes mould the food.

There should be a 'best by' date on the can. Store the can in a cool, dry place (assuming it is not a refrigerated item) and use it before that date.

Look for a date on the bottom of the can. It should say, "best before . .. Soup from dented cans can cause food poisoning regardless of what the date is on the can.

List some items so that you may be helped more thoroughly..AnswerAll packaged goods are required to have a best before date printed on them.Since every type of fruit is difrent you will have to check the can.

the best date fruit in algeria is daglat nour

A lot of foods have a best by date. Usually all of the food in cans, bottles, boxes, and bags have a best by date. Food that doesn't have something protecting over it like fruit and vegetables doesn't have a best by date usually.

ely eat canned foods made by you after the best buy date

Fresh vegetables are not non-perishable. Canned goods are non-perishable but many canned goods have a "Best if used by" date or an expiration date on either the top of the can or the bottom of the can.

Generally factory-canned products can last for as long as 2-3 years, though they usually feature a best before/use by date.. If you packaged it yourself, the shelf life will be considerably shorter!

Usually the sell by date, but it is still a good guide to when it is ok to eat the food. If it's too long after the sell-by date, it probably won't be good anymore. The dates stamped on canned goods should indicate what they mean. The print will say, 'sell by' or 'use by' or 'best before' and so on, depending on food legislation in your area.

Home canned goods can be safely kept until the lid starts to rust or the seal is broken, but really should be used before the next harvest. Commercially canned stuff usually carries a best-by date. I wouldn't use it much past 6 months later.

It depends on how past the best-before date they are. Canned goods will have a best-before date, which states that the food is best before that date, and food quality may deteriorate afterwards, but it won't necessarily be dangerous (unlike use-by dates which state that a product must be used by that date otherwise it becomes unsafe). Use your discretion, if it's a few weeks, it'll probably be fine. If it's a few years it's probably best to chuck it out and buy a new can.

Canned clams that are in unopened cans are edible for approximately three years. The best by date on the can does not indicate that the clams are spoiled after this date, only that they may not taste or look as fresh.

No you cant eat canned tomato soup after expiration date.............

Canned chicken can last for five to seven years. It is best to use by the expiration date, however. It can last 7 days after it is opened.

It should have an expiration date stamped on the can somewhere. If today is before that date, then it is ok to eat.

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