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Can you eat canned crab meat after the expiration date?


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If its the day of the expiration date yes but not after.


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If you are talking about shelf stable canned crab meat, the date on the can is likely the 'best by' date and not an expiration. If the can is unopened, has been stored properly and is not swollen or damaged, it is likely safe to eat, but the palatability of the crab meat will deteriorate over time. The processor will not guarantee the product beyond the recommended 'use by' date.

Absolutely! Unopened, it can be kept up to the expiration date marked on the can.

It is highly unrecommended to eat the crab meat after it's expiration date at all.

Imitation crab meat if in a can should last a couple of months at the least. Check the expiration date on the packaging.

When in doubt, throw it out!! A can of crab meat is not worth a case of food poisening.

Canned crab mean be kept in the freezer in an air tight storage bag. Canned crab meat should be good for up to four months in the freezer.

The expiration date on Geisha canned crab meat should be stamped on the bottom. The date may be printed year first, and may be written as a single block of numbers in the middle of other letters and numbers. Look for a block of text such as "140912" which would indicate that the contents expire in the year 2014, in September (09), on the 12th day (12). This may also be stamped on the label. On some batches you may find the code printed as month, day, year, instead, so the same expiration date may also be written as "091214."

The amount of ounces in a can of crab meat depend on the size of the can. A ten ounce can of crab meat will hold ten ounces of crab meat.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat canned crab meat without cooking it, normally it is already cooked ahead of time when canned.

Answer:The expiration date is a recommendation by the manufacturer of when you should use the item for best quality and taste. "Pasteurization" only means that the pathogenic bacteria have been reduced to safe levels. It does not mean that the crab meat is commercially sterile. Since bacteria will still be present, pasteurized crab meat will be very sensitive to time and temperature fluctuations, so it could start to spoil even before the expiration date. Whether or not to use it will be completely up to you. There will be no guarantees on the product after the expiration date.Answer:No. It is not safe to eat anything that has passed its 'best by date' or 'sell by date' ~ these are warnings for us so that we don't get sick with food poisoning. Some people may get away with this every once in a while, but it is NOT worth the risk as food poisoning is absolutely the pits. So please stick to the dates for your own health and throw it away. Rather be safe then sorry!

Crab meat is typically fully cooked in the canning process and should be safe for sushi.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is why they have an expiration date, and keep in mind, meat is never good after it's expiration date! :)

Some canned meat has been found to contain heavy metals. It can come from an unlined can. It can also come from a heavily contaminated body of water.

yes, crab is meat. it is called crab meat.

Some canned foods are pasteurized and some are not. For example, crab meat in a can is pasteurized, while peas are not.

Meat should not be eaten raw under any circumstances. Food that is frozen before the expiration date can still be thawed and cooked a few weeks later.

Pretty much until it goes moldy or tastes gross, I never check the expiration date unless on meat, or milk.

Smell it first and if it smells ok, then its probably fine.

no it is in a can so you can use it unless you opened it and leave it sit

Lobster meat comes from a lobster. Crab meat comes from a crab. Texture wise: Lobster meat is tougher than crab meat and not as sweet.

I have routinely eaten canned fruit after their expiration dates. That applies to most canned foods as well. One that doesn't last is canned milk. Toss it after it expires. Beans. canned meat, veggies, soup etc, all last much longer than expiration dates without altering taste or texture much. As long as the can is not punctured it should last much longer. One reason for expiration dates is of course safety. The other being likely, that companies want to sell their products, even if you can't keep up to eating them. So go ahead oand buy on sale eat later.

It's probably o.k, but why would you want to eat imitation crab meat?? Get the real thing!

if the meat was frozen before the expiration date then yes it's perfectly fine to cook and eat :)

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