Can you cook frozen meat after it's expiration date?


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Yes but its not recomnended

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if the meat was frozen before the expiration date then yes it's perfectly fine to cook and eat :)

Meat should not be eaten raw under any circumstances. Food that is frozen before the expiration date can still be thawed and cooked a few weeks later.

cook it after the meat completely thawed.

If its the day of the expiration date yes but not after.

ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is why they have an expiration date, and keep in mind, meat is never good after it's expiration date! :)

Only a few (1-2) days at the most. Any more than that will resort in food poisoning.

You can cook meat from frozen and if you are going to thaw it you should cook it immediately it is thawed.

Yes, you can freeze meat, defrost and cook it. Once it is cooked, it can be frozen again.

The meat arrives raw and frozen and is cooked via broiler from that frozen state.

It is highly unrecommended to eat the crab meat after it's expiration date at all.

Any meat you cook should be thawed in the refrigerator overnight. The worst of it is you will be cooking the outside while the inside is still frozen. This will also compromise the texture of the meat.

Nope not at all, just as long as you cook it thoroughly.

It is not recommended to cook ribs while they are frozen. They will take a very long time to cook and the meat may become tough and chewy.

Yes you can, but it will take longer to cook as the meat is frozen.

You can cook frozen meat in the oven, but unless it is loose crumbled ground meat, or diced into small pieces that aren't frozen together, its probably not a good idea. If you put a frozen hamburger of any width in the oven, the outside will cook really fast, and the inside will remain frozen and not cook properly. The same will happen with chicken breasts, pork chops, etc. and will be even worse in the case of whole chickens, beef or pork roasts, etc. You should defrost the meat first, bring it up to room temperature if possible, and then cook it in the oven. That will give you the most even, and best, cooking results.

You can smell it and if it smells bad, don't eat it. You can also touch it and if it is slimy, avoid eating it. You can also make a guess if the meat is bad from the color. Look at the expiration date. When in doubt, throw it out.

YOu can cook almost any meat in a crock pot. I would jsut thaw the meat before you do anything with it.

Yes. Frozen meat has water inside of it contained in the cells of the meat. When you cook it that water is forced out as juice and some is lost in cooking evaporation and what spills out on your plate.

Pretty much until it goes moldy or tastes gross, I never check the expiration date unless on meat, or milk.

it depends how you stored it. if it was frozen you're completely fine, in the refrigerator you should still be fine as long as you cook it very hot to kill off any harmful bacteria.

Smell it first and if it smells ok, then its probably fine.

If there's no bad smell, you won't know for sure. If the meat is past its expiration date or has been in the refrigerator over 3 or 4 days, it could be bad. Always remember the adage: If in doubt, throw it out.

The meat is frozen solid and needs to thaw out before you can cook it.

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