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Can imitation crab meat be eaten 2 weeks after expiry date if not opened?


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It's probably o.k, but why would you want to eat imitation crab meat?? Get the real thing!

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I have eaten it safely over 2 weeks after expiry - I think it gets better

Months, if the pack is unopened. After it has been opened it will develop mold over a few weeks. This mold can usually be cut off and the rest eaten.

You can keep hard salami that has not been opened in the refrigerator for three to four weeks. If it is opened, you can keep it for two weeks.

I just opened mine like 3 weeks ago and they were great when i opened it. I just opened it again today and it tasted weird. So i'd say less than 2 weeks..

No, peanut butter that out of date should not be eaten, especially if it has been opened. A few weeks out of date is okay, but not recommended, but a whole year is definitely not recommended.

its not really healthy if u do and besides, it really stinks even a few weeks b4 the expiry

around 4 million noodles are eaten every 2 weeks in the us

If the plastic bag it came in is unopened it can last several weeks. If in a can, several months. If the container was opened, it will stay fresh for only a few days and must be eaten or frozen.

if your hamster did not opened it's eye's your hamster is dead.

Many foods have an expiry date (called an "expiration date" in the USA) because their ingredients will spoil if they are left on the shelf for too long. Some products have a very long "shelf life"-- they can be sold for weeks, or even months. But others are "perishable," which means if you do not buy them before their expiry date, they will no longer be healthy and in fact, you might get sick from eating them.

it takes about 3 weeks or 4 weeks for it to go bad.

Usually around 2 weeks, but check the expiry date on the packaging to be sure. (P.S.) it's spelled bologna

Yes there is :) Opened up a couple weeks ago

It has a short life. Red cells can be stored for up to six weeks. Platelets last only five days

Probably nothing. The expiry date is a guideline to go by. Things don't suddenly become inedible on the expiry date. Chances are that if it has been refrigerated and it still looks and tastes normal, then it should be fine to eat. But after a month, throw it out.

Baby Food:1-3 days once opened Pasta Sauce:5 days once opened Mayonnaise:2 months once opened Cheese:1-4 weeks Eggs:3-5 weeks Leftovers:3-4 days

1 to 2 weeks that is how long till my yogurt went bad in my fridge

The goat was ravenous because he hadn't eaten in 5 weeks.

The cat became emaciated after she had not eaten for over two weeks.

2 weeks if the cork gets put back in

Unopened, 5-10 years, opened, about 2 weeks.

If its canned- check for the expiry DateAt the Max 3 months, fresh whipped cream usually 2-3 weeks

If the new pack is not opened it can last for up to 2 weeks. If the pack is opened, it can last for about a week. That is if this is stored in an airtight container.

about like 4-5 weeks old after their eyes are opened.

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