Can I get a accounting degree online?


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You can get an accounting degree online. There are several universities offering online programs but I would suggest going to an actual school.


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It costs about $10,000 to receive an online accounting degree.

You can attend Penn Foster online to obtain an accounting degree.

Kaplan University offers courses in accounting that can be done online.

There are online degrees available in business accounting. However, it depends on which university you want to attend. To find more information on business accounting online degree visit

You can find information on getting your accounting degree online by going to Additionally you can earn your degree at and

Students enrolled online in the bachelor's degree in business can take accounting classes online to complete the accounting concentration. The undergraduate will not.

There are many online courses available for accounting degrees online. You can apply at the University of Phoenix online. There is also Carrington Education online which also offers an online degree.

There are many courses offered in online accounting. You can get an online accounting degree on They are an accredited University with many campuses in Florida and other states.

Online accounting classes are sufficient and you can even obtain your degree in accounting online. The University of Phoenix offers such programs.

So long as your accounting degree is from an accredited school you should be able to get any job that anyone else with an accounting degree could get (depending on experience). The degree is the same regardless of whether it's acquired online or on campus.

Baker College online, Ryerson, CD-ED Alberta and McMaster University are four different online colleges that are able to offer you a degree in accounting.

Many correspondance schools have accounting degrees. I received my accounting degree from Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I do not believe they have an online degree but they were a good school.

This is the URL of a site which lists accredited online accounting schools:

An online accounting degree can be earned at the University of Phoenix. This is an online and/or campus school. Other schools such as DeVry University also offer this program.

The University of Phoenix is a reputable online school that has an accredited accounting program. is a good place to start

Yes you can find one here

To get a graduate degree in accounting you must complete a graduate program. Individual courses on their own will not get you a degree. There are schools with graduate programs online though.

As the Internet grows and become more and more established, online degree programs are becoming more common. As a popular major, Accounting Program is offered in almost all the universities. As a good references, one may refer to the list for Top 10 Online Colleges for Accounting Degree on theBestColleges for school information. Also, before starting, it's helpful to have a glance at the advice from How to Get Accounting Degree Online on wikiHow.

It depends upon where you are taking the online book keeping classes and the college which will offer the accounting degree. If they are both accredited and recognized educational institutions then they accept some of the courses. However, you need to check with the accounting degree program.

The most popular, nationwide online school for Accounting is the University of Phoenix. They not only have their courses online, but there are local outlets of this school nationwide to help you.

Each college or university has its own criteria for a graduate accounting degree. In general, you will want to focus on accounting, economics and finance classes for business management.

There are a wide variety of business and accounting classes available from online universities such as Kaplan and University of Phoenix as well as online programs through local colleges.

Yes, there are schools that offer online accounting degrees, such as Rasmussen College ( and University of Phoneix ( Beware of the latter, however, as it has a poor reputation.

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