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Can I eat canned tomato soup after expiration date?


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No you cant eat canned tomato soup after expiration date.............


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it might be okay depending on what type... :)

In canned tomato soup there is Vitamin E and lycopene.

One cup of Campbell's tomato soup is 160 calories.

All canned foods will have an expiration date stamped at the top or bottom of the can. Typically canned foods last for years

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How long after the expiration date can you eat cream of chicken soup

If it was store bought in the can, it should have an expiration date. If you canned it yourself, it should be good for a year or so, as long as it was properly sealed and kept in a cool, dry place.

From Campbells' tomato soup can: Water, tomato paste, glucose/fructose, enriched wheat flour, salt, sea salt, spice, citric acid, ascorbic acid

It depends on the experation date.

No, it does not expire if stored properly.

if it is pass the expiration date then throw it away and buy a new can of soup.You don't want to get tummy aches from it and it's BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. =)

Look on the bottom (or top) of your can, it should say. If not take it back to where you got it from, then get a new one (with an expiration date). :)

Tomato soup is orange or red and tastes like tomato.

Tomato soup is very healthy.

If that is canned, shelf stable soup, the date is a best-if-used-by - not an expiration. If the can is in good condition and has been stored in a cool, dry area, the soup may be OK to use. If any seams have been compromised or the ends are swollen, throw it away.

Look for a date on the bottom of the can. It should say, "best before . .. Soup from dented cans can cause food poisoning regardless of what the date is on the can.

tomato Soup is good for your blood and your circulatory system tomato Soup is good for your blood and your circulatory system

factors who make tomato soup or just make juice from the tomato

The difference is that tomato juice is just the juice and not all of the pulp. The tomato soup is the whole tomato.

Usually, canned foods have a very long shelf-life (years). If you are unsure, look for an expiration date. DO NOT EAT if the top or bottom of the can is protruding. This means it has Botulism and is unsafe to eat.

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